A secret…

Letter from 2012-12-04

I have a secret that I’m only going to share with you. So, do me a favor and let’s keep this just between you and I. Confidentiality is a must and I know I can trust you…

You’ve know me for a while now. Like any person I have my good and bad days. Lately, it seemed more bad than good. But, as I was laying there last night, I remembered something that I had not been practicing. Something shook me, smacked me around and said, “Dude, remember the laws!!!”. The laws? Oh yeah, the LAWS!!! I had been soo engulfed in my everyday issues that I completely forgot the laws. I am such am dum-dum. How can you forget the laws? They are always working whether you remember, or not, and it’s up to you to use the laws in YOUR favor. Oh, right. I’m sorry. You don’t know the laws? Well, there are two that I’m referring to right now…

The 1st Law – Reciprocity…

The Bible refers to this law as reap and sow. Some call it karma. Some call it “what goes around, comes around”. Basically, whatever you put out is what you’re going to get back. This law is always in effect. Just as I wrote about how your emotions affect your vision. That was just a component of this law. When you are positively charged, you will see positive things but the same is true in reverse.

Check this out, there was this commercial that showed a lady doing something nice for another person, then that person did something nice for someone else, then that person did something nice for another person until (if you noticed), someone did something nice for the first lady. It’s all reciprocal.

Have you ever felt that you’ve had a string of ‘bad luck’? Well, guess what? The law is working. One bad decision lead to another, then another, and so on. So, that’s the first law. Then there is…

The 2nd Law – Attraction…

The Bible refers to this as ‘thinking on these things’, or ‘seeking first the kingdom’. It has also been penned as ‘see it, say it, believe it, receive it’. You mentally see what you want, picture yourself having it, using it, partaking in it (imagination). You verbalize, speak or declare what you want (verbal reinforcement). You keep your focus on what you saw / said, not being distracted by life (believe it). And, don’t trip when this part happens… you get what you saw, spoke and believed!!!

The interesting thing is that we are generally victims rather than victors of attraction. Have you ever left for an appointment and was worried about being late? Well, guess what happened? You ran into every traffic light, slow driver and school zone imaginable. We saw ourselves being late, said I don’t want to be late and focused on that the entire trip. Well, received what we asked for…

All too often life happens to us and we respond to life. What should happen is that we should be happening to life!!!! We have to power to fulfill our destinies. So, are we going to be dis-tracted or are we going to at-tract?The crazy thing about these two laws is that they overlap!!! The more positive that we become, the more that we focus on good things… The more good things that we do, the more positive that we become… It’s a never ending cycle!!!

Do good to those around you. Set your goals. See yourself in them. Write them down. Speak and declare what you’ve written. And finally, don’t trip when the good that’ve done and the goals that you’ve set come into your life!!!

Now can you keep a secret, or are you going to share it with someone?

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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