Christmas time is here…

Why do YOU celebrate the “Holidays”? And which “Holiday” do you celebrate? As we know, there are a lot of options during the months of December and January. Everything from Hanukkah, to Christmas, to Kwanzaa, to the Feast of Epiphany (12 Days of Christmas), to New Years… There is a lot to celebrate!! The partying is neverending!! But, why?

We celebrate Christmas, the Judeo-Christian version. You know, the birth of Jesus Christ. I celebrate it because it is a time of reflection. The entire Christian world comes together to give homage to the one that was born for the sole purpose to die for our sins. The true date of his birth is not known and unfortunately, the early church decided to ‘pick’ a pagan holiday to commemorate his birth. But all of that put aside, many of us wouldn’t be the people we are without our belief in Christ.

Having said that, since it is Jesus’ birthday… then why aren’t we giving gifts to him? Why are we giving gifts to each other? It’s like my children, there was a season where my youngest felt that whenever there was a birthday party then he should be opening a gift and if he wasn’t opening a gift then OMG!!! One of my favorite cartoons of all time is A Charlie Brown Christmas. This show was done in 1965 and way back then, they were bold enough to say that Christmas was too commercialized. It has only gotten worse as time has progressed…

In the 70s, the hottest gifts were clothing. Remember the bell-bottom jeans, hip-huggers and ponchos. All of your accessories had to match. You had a crocheted vest, scarf and mittens. Mr. Potato Head was king and everyone had to have a Pet Rock.

In the 80s, we had to have a Rubik’s Cube. And people started killing each other over Cabbage Patch Kids, Pound Puppies and Care Bears.

The 90s had the Troll Dolls, Stretch Armstrong, Gameboys and the Easy Bake Oven made a comeback. But, then people were killing each other over Beanie Babies!!!

In comes the new millennium… now we have to have a Wii, XBOX (not even the 360) just XBOX and the PS3. The children NEED the latest cell phones. And remember when people were killing each other over Bratz?

Now we stand in line for iPad minis, Kindle Fire HD and Galaxy IIIs. The crazy part is that nowadays we’ll wait in line a week before that new thing is even released in order to be the first to have it. What have our lives come to? What happened to the holidays being about family getting together just because we love each other?

Don’t get me wrong, the gifting part is cool and I will be giving gifts. But, let’s not forget the intangible reasons for the holidays. The intangibles are the greatest things about this time of year and they are what I look forward to…

So, again, why do YOU celebrate the “Holidays”?

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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