Course correction

Letter from 2012-11-25

I heard a message that spoke about how we must be careful when we are “a little off”. In measuring, being 1 degree off will put you 1.7 feet away from your target if it’s 100 ft. away. That’s not too big a deal, right? Well, actually it is. If you traveled from LA to New York, that same 1 degree off will land you in Baltimore. Or is traveling to the moon that 1 degree will put you over 4000 miles away from the moon, that’s 2 moons off target!!!

I know you don’t care about traveling as the crow flies and none of us are planning a moon trip. What about our everyday life? What about our goals? Being a little off, can mean the difference between being a millionaire business owner and being on just another employee…

The part that really struck me about that message wasn’t about missing our goals though. The part that got me was the collateral damage by us being off. Whether you want to believe it, or not, we are all in this thing together. What you do affects your circle of influence. What I do affects my circle. We all affect each other. That’s big picture. Let’s bring it closer to home… no let’s bring it home. What you do affects your children.

Our children are affected not only by what we teach them verbally but by what they see. Their values are created by what WE value. Unfortunately, we never know which nuggets of OUR lives that THEY will hold on to. They may keep values that we had while we were off course. We’ve gotten back on course but they are still going that other way. Then we wonder, “Why doesn’t my child like ‘X’? We’ve always liked ‘X’. We’ve always done ‘X’. Why are they rebelling against ‘X’? What’s wrong with them?” The truth is that they held fast to a principle that we dropped.

How do we fix it? In nautical terms, we continually check our position and adjust accordingly. Are we following the GPS of our lives or are we just listening to it say “rerouting”. Sometimes we need that check-up from the neck up. Reevaluate where you are and what you’re doing. Is this truly the direction that you want to go or are you off course?

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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