A president's faith…

Letter from 2012-10-20

Good Morning Facebook,I have a question that I truly need your opinion on. I’m not interested in how many people Like the post but rather what do you have to say about it…

Regarding the Presidency of the United States, when did a persons faith become a hot button issue? Whether the candidate is a Christian, Mormon, Muslim or anything else…

My decisions have always been surrounding (1) what does the candidate stand for regarding the major issues, (2) does this person have the resources and capabilities to manage the greatest country on earth and (3) will having this person in office benefit the country as a whole.

As Christians, we should seek God first for direction for who to vote for, do our due diligence in researching them and then vote our conscience. This should be simple, especially for Christians, because there isn’t a Christian running for President. Neither one of the candidates are Christian. So, why is the persons faith soo important?

I look forward to your responses…Jackie

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