From the heart…

Letter from 2012-11-14

Many times when people deal with major life events, such as disease, divorce or death, the first response(s) from many people are “I wish I would have known”, “why didn’t they talk to me”, or “I had no idea. Did they get help from…”.

In this world of social media, we have the opportunity to anonymously peer voyeuristically into people’s lives, depending on what they share. We have an idea of what people are doing but what we miss is actually seeing into their hearts. Facebook uses the title of “Friend” for those that are connected to you. And as easily as you add someone you can “unfriend” them. This false friendship is one of the problems that we face in our technically advanced, interconnected, socially deficient world.

Back in the day (Pre-Social Media), we had levels for relationships which were acquaintances, associates and friends. The highest level of relationship was being a friend and, oh my goodness, if you were my best friend… You were something super special.

How do we overcome the watered down relation-/friendships that we’ve created because of all this connectivity? Try something strange and unusual…

God places people on our hearts, or someone will come across our mind, or we see someone that looks just like… or someone will bring them up in a conversation. When these things happen, get in touch with them… directly. Send them a personal message on Facebook, send an email or better yet… Call them. You’d be amazed at how important that reach was for that person at that particular time. Many times, the reason that they came up was because they were going thru something and needed to hear from YOU. People want to share but we just need to be available…

I love YOU!!!
Stay blessed

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