Get out of the boat…

Letter from 2012-11-28

Last night, I heard a message entitled “Get out of the boat” and it was centered around the story of Peter walking on water. I’ve heard this story probably a million times. There was nothing new about this message except that it met me where I am. What I got out of this message was that too many times we have become comfortable in the conditions, or states, that we are in and God wants more out of us. He wants us to take a leap of faith, step out of that comfort zone and step into our next level. Simple message, right? Yes.

Anyone that has followed, or friended, me on Facebook has known that, until recently, I generally don’t post much of anything. The most consistent things that I have posted are bible verses, then the juicing journey (which I am still on) and not much after that. Why all of a sudden these daily notes? I’m going to break a Jackie rule, so please bear with me…

I have always been a writer. My place of comfort has always been putting my thoughts on paper. Whenever there have been difficult situations for me to address… I wrote my position and handed it to the person with whom the difficulty was with. Why? Because, I know me. I can be emotional and because of that emotion I don’t want to say something that I’ll regret. So, I would take the time to measure my words and write. In grade school, I won writing contests like the Lazarus Award and went to city / state competitions in writing but never actually pursued writing. And that has been the problem…

If writing is my outlet then why am I not doing it? We all have something that we are meant to do that we aren’t doing. That outlet may be running, sending personal greeting cards, praying for people, etc. that list is as varied as the people reading this letter.

Yesterday, I wrote a note called “It’s a win-win, when we give-give”. That note was a personal test of mine to reveal deeper thoughts and feelings of mine. You see, I know that there are a million different resources for women when it comes to dealing with men, relationships and even themselves. Women are empowered. Women can overcome the tyranny of men and the unfair practices that happen in this male dominated society. Women have all of this, but what do men have? Where do we go when we’re feeling the pressures of life? Where do we go when women are getting on our nerves?

As a believer, we go to God. But guess what? I’m not that spiritual most of the time. I’ll pray and talk with God but then I also need that human interaction. Remember God uses people. So, the letters that I’ve been writing are from me to you. I’m sharing my own heart issues. YOU are not alone in the struggles that you’re facing.

I’ve written about my concerns with the election, people giving advice, love, thankfulness, self-realization and thanksgiving. But, I’ve also written about depression, suicide and loneliness. Why am I writing all of this? Because, I am writing about me. I’m the one dealing with loneliness, depression, love issues, being thankful and all of that. I was also the ‘friend’ that was dealing with suicidal thoughts. Again, all I’m saying is that YOU are NOT ALONE in the struggles that you face. And I look forward to seeing YOUR responses because it tells me that I am not alone either…

So that message last night about getting out of our comfort zone and stepping out of the boat really hit home with me. I’ve endeavoring to continue to share. I pray for the strength of my wife and family as I continue to go deeper into my own self and share with all of you.

I have but one request tho… I’m finding out that there are tons of invisible people who read these letters. Sometimes this journey is very, very difficult. If a message really does encourage you, or you feel what I’m saying, or whatever… can you leave ME a note? Don’t get me wrong please ‘Like’ my posts but, even if it’s just one word, please leave a comment…

So, in closing, get out of the boat!!!! You never what affect your getting out of your comfort zone with have on someone… We ALL need what YOU have.

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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