My REAL response

Letter from 2012-06-22:

My REAL response is “HOW DARE YOU!!!”

I find it interesting how people get into social media and find comfort in trying to throw off on people especially when their lives are so jacked up. Because of social media, people just post their feelings and life situations for the world to see with no regard to the overall overcome of their posts. Millions of people sit in silence watching the lives of others, sometimes in entertainment other times in disbelief. So, if we really wanted to talk about someone then lets just look thru YOUR timeline.

The bible says in Psalm 105:15, “…, Touch not mine anointed,…”. How can you EVER feel so comfortable to try and blast the vessel that watched out for YOUR soul? HOW DARE YOU!!! It doesn’t matter whether or not we always agree with our leaders, we should always pray for them. And as the saying goes, “we don’t talk AGAINST whatever we’re praying FOR”.

Honestly, before hitting Post or Send on anything that you place in social media, as a believer, you should pray. If you’re not a believer, then think about the potential outcome of your statements. If the outcome will not be a positive one then delete it.


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