Perception is reality…

Letter from 2012-11-30

I have considered myself to be one of the most black and white people to walk the earth. My philosophy has been “reality is reality”, “it is what it is” and “check the facts, they don’t lie”. I haven’t really subscribed to the world of gray areas. Life is like binary code, filled with ones (1) and zeros (0), positives and negatives, ons and offs. The more that I deal with people, the more my B/W world is changing.

I am a Licensed Insurance Agent/Broker. I work with over 20 different companies to provide the best protection for you, your family and your business by customizing plans to meet your individual need. That’s what I do. As someone who is not only concerned about people’s health but their financial well-being, I assess their situation and determine a path to meet their insurance needs while also being financially responsible. It’s my job to help you understand why you need life, supplemental, health, disability and long term care insurances. I present a lot of facts, mixed with the reality of your own personal life experiences.

Unfortunately, the reality of insurance can be grim. Who wants to talk about the possibility of getting cancer, having a heart attack, high blood pressure or even dying? No one does but the reality is that these things happen to people. And that’s a fact.

I had an appointment with a business owner whose business is 2 hours away from my home. While driving to this appointment, I was in very good spirits, happy, singing with the radio, enjoying life. Looking out the window of the car, I saw all of the rolling hills, the beautiful scenery that central and southern Ohio has to offer. I thought about how cool it would be to own a property that had 100 – 200 acres of land and what I would do with it. What kind of home I’d build on this large estate and time just seemed to fly by. I was there in record speed.

I arrive at the business and was deserted. It looked like business was slow that day and they just decided to just shutdown. Being that this business was in a very rural area, all of the doors were unlocked and I got to see firsthand that everyone had left. So, I called the owner and while dialing his number I literally said “please don’t ring here, please don’t ring here”, meaning don’t ring in the office because nobody’s here. Well, it rang there… I hung around for a bit and started my return trip home.

The drive back home was completely different. I no longer saw any of the beautiful scenery that I had just passed through. Now, all I saw were the torn down and unkept trailer parks that peppered the roadside. I saw every factory and smoke stack. Traffic seemed to be heavier. Where did all of these police cars come from? I even noticed how overcast and gray the sky was. The drive back was unbearable and I felt every moment of those two hours.

What was the difference between these two trips? It was the same road; the same day; the same part of the day; the same person driving… The difference was my perception. My outlook wasn’t the same. The joy had been replaced with disappointment (literally, a dissed appointment).

This drive taught me a lesson. The facts had not changed. The road WAS the same. Everything that I saw going both ways WAS there. I could only see what my heart wanted to see. Going, I couldn’t see a factory. Coming back, I couldn’t see the beautiful landscape.

How has life affected your perspective? Are you seeing all of the beauty that life has to offer? Are you living in wonderment, excitement and anticipation? Or are you seeing the failures of life? The missed opportunities and deeds? Life isn’t Black and White, Xs and Os, 1s and 0s… it is a Technicolor rainbow full of great things. We just need the power to see it and here’s how… Surround yourself with those that DO see it. The bible tells us to “think on these things”. Keep a positive attitude. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll attract when your mindset have been changed, updated and upgraded to see the good.

I love you ALL!!
Stay blessed,

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