Letter from 2012-11-29

You know today I was going to write about the importance of sleep. And how too many of us have a difficult time handling our daily routines because we, as Americans, don’t get the proper amount of sleep which is 7-9 hours per night. I generally average 3-4 hours of sleep. That’s less than half of what’s recommended!!! Where do you stand? How many hours do you get?

That’s what I was going to write about. But, I’m really stuck on relationships and people. One of the problems that we face is that whether we want to admit it, or not, we don’t respect each other. I was always taught that respect is something that is earned. But I was also taught that respect is given. Which one is it? Do we work for it or is it a gift?

Being a techy, or gadget, guy, I like to the latest in what’s on the market. I’ve beta tested various Microsoft Windows and Office products, I stood in line for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, my house has been a hotspot since before WiFi was affordable. I like to have the stuff. But, the more technical that we get the less personal we become. We create our own little worlds completely oblivious to everything and everyone around us.

I was driving to an appointment yesterday and I left the house 10 minutes later than I should have. So, of course, I’m driving a little faster to make up the time until… I came up on this Dodge Durango. They were not only driving slow, and weaving, but they were in the passing lane. At times, they were driving slower than the people in the slow lane but because of the amount of traffic I just couldn’t get around them. Flash the lights, blow the horn… no response at all. I finally get next to the truck and here this lady is texting with her hands going thru the steering wheel, driving with her forearms!! Hey lady, you’re not the only one on the road. Is that message THAT important?

Or how do you come to a family event talking on your cell phone and maintain the call for over an hour? Why did you come? It’s nice to see your face but can WE talk to you?

How about the other side, the other extreme… You send a person an email, or text message, and, you get no response. Or you call someone and get the hang up… Did you know about the hang up? That’s when the phone rings once, or twice, and you get their voicemail. When that happens, they saw it was you and canceled the call… they hung up on you without even picking up the phone.

I’m soo passionate about this not only because I HATE it but, unfortunately, I’ve done it as well. I wasn’t meaning to hang up on you but I was busy at that moment and I intended to call you back. Well, it’s been a month and “I’m still gonna call ya’”!!! Here’s the issue, it’s not that we intentionally disrespect each other. It’s just that we are too busy. Too busy with what we’re doing, too busy for ourselves, too busy for you… We hardly have any quality time with our loved ones. We don’t really “unwind”. We go from one thing to the next in our never ending journey from here to there, forgetting that the journey is much more enjoyable when we take others with us.

So, I’m making my own personal vow that today I will love and respect EVERYONE.
· I will answer the phone, whether busy or not. Even if only to say, “I’m busy. Can I call you back”
· I will respond to every text message. Even if the reply is only, “K”
· I will wait until I’m not driving to text. Not only is it safer but it’s illegal in some areas.
· I will hang up my phone in the fast food line unless I’m ordering for the person on the phone

My question to you is… What else can we do to show that we love and respect one another??

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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