The money doesn't matter…

Letter from 2012-12-05

There is a saying, “money can’t buy happiness”. The Beatles say, “can’t buy me love”. Both of these are true. Money only seems to heighten, or magnify, who, or what, you already are.

There was a story this past weekend in Kansas City where a couple got into an argument and the guy kills his girlfriend, goes to work and kills himself in front of his boss and coworkers. What made this event newsworthy is that he was a football player. The sad part is that there is an infant child that has lost both of her parents.

Murder-Suicide is a weird crime. It plays against our emotions because in one way there is the mourning for the loss of life but how do you mourn for a person that killed someone then killed themselves. Why did you kill her? Was the situation that bad? What really happened that you felt that death was the only resolution? If you were going to kill yourself then… why didn’t you START with yourself?

When I see the news, it seems that money just consumes the headlines. Tax deductions, fiscal cliffs, employee strikes, the effect of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy on maternity clothes… We need to see past what’s written and see the truth. The truth is that people are hurting.

What does hurt encompass? Hurt is not only related to our hearts and feelings. People are hurting mentally, physically, socially, financially and spiritually. We are ALL reaching out for some sort of help. But, since we ALL are reaching out, WHO is reaching back? Where is our help?

The Bible tells us to look to the hills, look to our Creator. Our help comes from God. It doesn’t matter how much money that you have, how smart you are, your social status, or your spirituality. He is always there with His hand outstretched. He is ready, willing and able to help us…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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