Handling Stress… How do YOU do it?

Of late, I have been particularly aware, or conscious, of stressors and the affects they have on my mind, body and emotions. Stressors are all around us. They are unavoidable. Sometimes they are tiny, insignificant occurrences that are nothing more than mere irritants. Other times, these same exact occurrences are like the eruption of a volcano.

Growing up, I had a slight temper. My parents, family, church, schools, etc. would probably disagree about it being ‘slight’ but hey, it’s all about perspective. 🙂 I remember, as an up and coming musician, having the opportunity to play the drums during church was prime real estate. Back in the 70s, we actually learned how to play DURING services. Back then, we didn’t all have full studios, practice equipment, road equipment and the like in our homes like we do today. So, when it was your turn to play, it was special considering there were soo many drummers. At one time, we had 7 or more drummers. Needless to say, we established in-service schedules for who had ‘next’ and for the most part it ran smoothly. My cousin, James and I, are two of a kind. Very strong willed, opinionated and passionate about our crafts… in other words, we were oil and water. We knew how to push that button and it was not uncommon for us to be fist fighting during a service (not just in the parking lot but in the pulpit).

I’ve never been real shy about sharing my thoughts and whether, or not, they were agreed with has never been my issue. My philosophy was, “if you don’t agree then that’s YOUR problem”. As I’ve matured, I’ve learned to bridle my tongue and actions. I try to be a person of peace. But, guess what… it is a continual struggle keeping that young hothead under wraps.

My friend told me that one of the problems that I have is that I internalize my life issues. Internalization isn’t healthy because we aren’t designed to do that and at one point or another there will be a release.

The other day, my manager publicly disrespected my staff regarding a project that we were working on. The anger pulsed thru me like nobody’s business because it wasn’t just me you dissed but my people as well. I was visibly angry. When I spoke to my manager, he understood my perspective but also said that he was the manager. It was his call…

Yesterday, my 10 year old son came home from school and said that class was weird. The teacher was talking about plant reproductive and somehow started talking about boys having a penis and girls having a vaginal. OMG, I didn’t give permission for sexual education and apparently it wasn’t addressed properly because my son felt uncomfortable!!! What made it worse is that when I addressed the teacher, he blamed the students for “human reproduction” coming up!!!

Historically, these two examples wouldn’t have been as big a deal. These things happen and like a duck you just let this stuff roll off your back. This time though, it was more about my staff. They put a lot of time and effort in. I feel they deserve better. With the teacher, it’s ALL about my son. At no time, should he EVER feel uncomfortable in a classroom. He’s only in the 4th grade. He has too many years left to go!!!

When we are hurt, disappointed or even scarred by life, we have a reaction to it. Some people run a 5K, or get a punching bag, or imagine themselves in their peaceful place, while others just go play a video game… Sometimes, we lash out or confront it. Other times, we become recluse or back away. As long as we don’t become violent to ourselves or others, I don’t really think there is a wrong way to handle stress. I just want/need to know more ways to handle it. I need your help…

So, how do YOU handle stress?

I love you ALL!!
Stay blessed,

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