Devotional Relationships

We only get one time around…

As we go thru our lives, many people come and go. As children, our sphere of influence is determined by the decisions of our parents. Our parents decide where we live, go to school and attend church. They select the places that we go and the people we meet. We observe how they make decisions. We learn, from them, our core values and the foundation of our beliefs and principles are established by them. Mothers teach us compassion and love while fathers teach us dedication and honor. Many times throughout our lives, we tend to… I won’t say forget, but we tend to allow life to overrule the simple things that we were taught as kids.

Life builds character.
Every experience that we have from inception to the grave builds our character. Who we are, what we do, our thought process, our view… every time we go thru something, our mind taps into a previous experience and tells us how we should or shouldn’t react. So, your history will determine your view and actions. Here’s a couple of examples: If you were raised in a very loving and giving environment, then, you would tend to be more loving and giving. Or if you’ve been hurt by people that you were close to, then, you will have a tendency to not allow people to get close to you. It’s all relative to YOUR experiences. Where we struggle with is judging another person’s actions by our experiences.

Lives, together, builds a cast of characters.
One thing we cannot and will not ever avoid is other people. No matter how hard we may try, people are everywhere. Everyone doing their own thing, scrabbling thru their individual lives with no thought or concern for anyone else. And, the only time that we pause is when our lives collide with one another. Here are some scenarios…

We used to take a family vacation to Myrtle Beach. The highlight of our vacation wasn’t really the beaches. It was going to this off the boulevard pizza shop and seeing Isaac. Isaac bussed the tables but, it wasn’t that he cleaned the tables but how he did it. Whenever a patron would finish their meal and leave the table, Isaac would literally hit the fast-play button. He would begin cleaning the table with lightning speed, throwing the used dishes into his bucket, wiping down the table and seats and letting out a triumphant “Woo-Hoo!!” as he completed each table. It was exciting!!! When we discussed going to Myrtle Beach we’d always talk about whether or not Isaac was still there.

But, on the other hand, remember when we went to that one store and dealt with that one person at the register… OMG!!! That was the ultimate worst service I’ve ever had. All they had to do was ring us up. It wasn’t my fault that the price tag was ripped and wouldn’t scan! Why did they give me such an attitude? It’s their job to ring me up! I don’t know what their problem is but, they don’t know who they’re messing with. I’ll do this or I’ll do that… The WHOLE day was jacked up and we couldn’t stop talking about that cashier… Collision of lives…

We are ALL a bunch of characters!!! What makes the difference is HOW we CHOOSE to play our part. Depending on the scene, we may have the lead role, a supporting role or even be the director. What makes the scene great isn’t how well you played your part but did you leave a lasting, positive impression on the other people in the scene.

Look, we only have one time to go thru this life. What part will you play? What effect will you have?

For me, I CHOOSE to be a better man, husband and friend. And, I have set my priorities – God, First; Family, Second; Ministry, then Work, then Church… (maybe one day soon I’ll explain my priorities).

Remember, we only get time around… Lights, Camera… Action!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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