Memory lane…

Last night, one of my lifelong friends, Daniel Moss, started posting all of these pictures from 1988 and 1989 on Facebook. We were members of The “Original” Columbus Boychoir (CBC). It is so nice to have those unexpected times of remembrance and reflection. Taking that trip down memory lane and seeing pictures that I’ve never seen before… it is just wonderful!!

One of the most influential people in my life was Mr. Eugene B. Jefferson. He was the founder and director of CBC. He was, to say, a very passionate man and one given to excellence. His passion allowed many young men to experience a life that otherwise many of us would have never imagined. We were a part of a world class organization for the arts and not only were we world class but we traveled the world. Three highlighted trips for me were going to Georgia; California and our trip to London, England. All while still in high school!!!

Mr. Jefferson pushed us into excellence. Sometimes the push was a little nudge other times we went kicking and screaming but to excellence we had to go… it wasn’t a choice. It was a demand and giving anything less than your all was not an option.

I miss Mr. Jefferson. He passed away right after our trip to California in 1989.

In today’s ultra-politically correct society, Mr. Jefferson would have been seen as a tyrant and his methods would have been frowned on. But, you know what, he produced men. He helped to make us strong men with standards. We learned that nothing just comes to you but you HAD to WORK and WORK HARD. Do you hear me? We had to work!!!

I love my brothers from the “Bokwa”. I have had special bonds with Daniel Moss, David Smith, Roger Moss, Charlton Henderson, Troy Robinson, Derf Suggs, Lorin Peters and many, many others. And I cannot leave out the road moms – Mrs. Prince and Mrs. Andrews!!! Sidebar, if these women only knew what we talked about regarding them… I’m just saying 🙂

But last night David Johnson asked a question that I didn’t see a response to and that was…If Mr. Jefferson where alive today, would he be proud of what you have accomplished in your life?? My answer is yes. What is yours?

As you look back over your life, who are those influential people that helped to mold you and would they be proud of who you’ve become and accomplished? Today, instead of hitting ‘Like’, can you comment on who those people are?

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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