Changing lives…

Yesterday, I wrote about one of the people who most influenced my life, Mr. Eugene B. Jefferson, and how his passion has affected me. Let’s not stop there tho. The world is filled with successful people. Btw, my definition of a successful person is one that has success AND has successors. Mr. J. was indeed a successful man. But guess what… so are YOU!!

So many times, we measure our success on someone else’s scale. In doing this, you will never reach that level of success that you seek because the scale always changes. It’s like the weight and balance scale where you have defined weights on one side and you on the other. Well, as long as weight is being added it will never balance and you will never be fulfilled.

For many years, I carried an inferiority complex because I wasn’t as good as this musician or that musician. Whenever in their presence, I would feel substandard, weak and not up to par. This uneasiness came out in how I played. As long as they were around, I couldn’t perform at my best because it wasn’t “as good as them”. I actually referred to myself as a “computer guy that happened to play”. This was such a lie!! Not every songwriter will be a Fred Hammond, Kenny Rogers or Mozart. Not every pianist will be a Ben Tankard, Jerry Lee Lewis or Rachmaninov.

We all have our OWN levels of success. My revelation of this came just a few years ago. I was going through some trying times and was reminded of the true successes that I had. I have been the lead musician in many churches. I’ve played with the best. I’ve trained some of the best. And people love, and want, to hear me play. I realized that I WAS a success. But, I wasn’t successful yet… We aren’t truly successful, until we get over ourselves, our insecurities, our issues and, in some cases, our pride and share what we have with others.

What ways are YOU successful? How have you SHARED your success with others? And finally, if you aren’t sharing… why not?

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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