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A whole new world…

It’s official… I’ve been writing for a month!!! So far, this has been an interesting journey for me. Every morning, I wake up between 3:00-4:00 am to say a prayer, open my heart and share it with you. Seeing the responses both on- and offline have been incredibly encouraging. There have been times where I didn’t want to write but I am reminded of one simple thing… it’s not about me.

As men, we are born and bread to have certain standards, outlooks and expectations. As children, we learn how to “suck it up and be a man”. When my own children fall down and have ‘boo-boos’, my 1st response is, “is it bleeding?”, then “does it take all of that” and finally “are you okay?”… There is an inherent “manliness” that we learn and pass on. And, in order to be a man, you have to act a certain way.

The problem with the ‘be a man’ system of teaching is that there isn’t balance. And, unfortunately, whenever there is imbalance in a system, the system will correct itself. The correction of this system was the movement of ‘coming out of the closet’. Gay men rebelled against the system. They protested against it because as individuals they didn’t match, or conform, to what the system was trying to generate. But again where there is imbalance the system will correct itself… Now, there is soo much attention given to being “politically correct” that it’s almost a bad thing to be gay, or sympathetic to their cause.

The same principles apply to religion, as well. Growing up we were taught the “Heaven or Hell” message and we were in many cases frightened into giving our lives to Christ for fear of going to Hell. The message of Christ is that of love and not fear. So when the fear runs out, so do the people. People rebelled against the harsh teachings of Christianity and embraced inclusivism; everyone is going to Heaven; being saved doesn’t require all of that and many, many other doctrines. But, again it was in response to the lack of balance that was presented.

I am not gay and I am not sympathetic to their cause. I am not a ‘backslider’ embracing non-Biblical truths. I am a man with real concerns about life, with real feelings, with real desires and dreams. I am a husband with real desires for my wife and goals for my family. I am a father who is concerned about raising my children in this society, who is very interested in nurturing strong men and productive future citizens. I am a son, a brother, a cousin, a friend, a minister, a musician, an insurance broker, an entrepreneur, a computer guy… I am all of these things and more. It’s like the old tagline for the Transformers cartoon… “Transformers… More than meets the eye”.

Purpose drives ALL of our lives whether we know it, or not; whether we like it, or not. One of the primary reasons that I continue writing is to share with other men the fact that we can still be strong men and still experience heartfelt pain; that we can be men and cry like a babies; that we can be men and want love… It doesn’t make me any less of a man to wash dishes, or clothes, rather than wash the car. It doesn’t make you any less of a man to read a romantic novel versus Sports Illustrated. All of these things bring balance. They make us well-rounded men. Riddle me this, why are the most popular subjects that WOMEN read generally about MEN? I’m just saying…

Finally, after some poking and prodding from friends, family and fellow readers, I have started my own webpage site devoted to writing. Please, please, please check it out often and share with YOUR sphere of influence. I am contemplating greater things in this area and I need your support. The website address is

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

Check out my website…

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