Today is the Apocalypse… Sike!!!

According to the Mayan calendar, today is the end of the earth. Today is the day that everything comes crashing down and is no more. Today is the day the earth experiences a solar maximum. Today is the day that the planet Nibiru and the earth run into each other. Oh, don’t forget this one… Today is the day that the earth is sucked into a black hole. Wait, one more… Today is the day that everyone on earth is transformed into new spirit beings. Wow…

According to the Popol Vuh, the ‘creation accounts’ of Mayan literature, we are currently living on the fourth version of the earth. The first three earths, or worlds, that the gods created were all failures. Each world has a life expectancy of 5,125 years (Long Count) where the previous world ends and a new one begins. This changeover date is set is stone and is a part of the ‘Great Cycle’. Today, December 21, 2012 marks the zero date for the cycle to renew itself.

What’s interesting to me is that because of other interpreted Mayan prophesies, there has been much anticipation, anxiety and even fear that has surrounded this mystical date. Some believers have even purchased one-way tickets to a couple apocalypse-proof villages in France, in order to escape certain doom.

If you can’t already tell, I am not a Mayan believer. I am a Christian. I do believe that there will be an apocalyptic moment. I do believe that we are living in the end times, or the end of days. Concerning an actually date, the Bible states that it is only known to the Father (God).

This just takes me back to a similar event almost twelve years ago. How many of us remember… Y2K? Y2K was the day that our technology would be our undoing. It was the day that we’d return to the stone ages because all of our ‘stuff’ would stop working. There was mass hysteria, hoarding, suicides and the scams were endless. Companies were formed to combat the inevitable crash of corporate servers and computers. Banks were bracing for collapse. It was a mess. And like today, we counted down until midnight 12/31/1999 and nothing. Nothing happened and nothing changed… much ado about nothing.

Historically, end of the world predictions never come to pass. I know this because we are still here :-)… But these predictions keep on coming and as long as they come there will be those who’ll believe. And THAT is our PROBLEM. We as humanity, as people, as individuals are on a journey to believe in something greater than us. A higher power, a greater meaning and a purpose… This search has gone on since the beginning… since the Fall of Man. We have been trying to get back to our Creator, back to God. Along the way, we have all of these variations of how to get there, when we’ll get there, who will be there, where it is and what it will be like once we get there.

How do we fix it? Honestly, we don’t. The one variable that we cannot change is Will. As people, we were given an awesome responsibility called… choice. My idea of the fix may not be your idea. And throughout history whenever one person’s idea was forced on someone else, things always ended badly. We have many wars to prove this.

My suggestion is that we live our lives according to our own beliefs, accept each other for who we are and live peacefully together. A part of that acceptance is being at least understanding of our different beliefs without judgment. As a Christian, we want the world to know that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life but, historically, we haven’t always been the most understanding of people. BUT, that can be said about EVERY religion.
But regarding today’s apocalypse, I’ll paraphrase a note I saw on Facebook…
“For all of those who are getting ready to die on 12/21/12, leave all your stuff with me.”

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I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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