Christmas Eve…

Well, today is the last day before the ‘big day’. If you have any shopping left, then be prepared for lots of people and lots of empty shelves. The children are out of school and some parents are off work, too… It’s funny because a lot of people have commented that it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas. What does that really mean?

When does it start to feel like Christmas? And what is that feeling? Is the feeling of Christmas that sense of relief because all of the Christmas shopping is done? Or does the feeling come when all the gifts are wrapped? Is it the feeling you get watching your children say their “Christmas Speeches”? Going to that Christmas party? Kissing under the mistletoe? Checking your account balances to see how much “damage” was caused this year? Or does it start to feel like Christmas when you see your favorite show, movie or football game? Honestly, I don’t know…

I’m reminded of the story about Ebenezer Scrooge. My summation of his story is that he was a man given to himself and his business. He wasn’t really concerned about anything that wasn’t making him money. His attitude was terrible and he needed to be checked. So, he was given an opportunity to reflect on his past. This reflection isn’t only on the good things but the problems of the past as well. This reflection brings him to the present day and he’s able to see the things in life that are passing him by and he’s missing. He sees how people are loving and living life. He also sees how people are overcoming their own challenges, in the name of Christmas. Finally, he’s able to look ahead into the future. He’s able to visualize things to come based on present day decisions and circumstances. He realizes that the outcome isn’t very bright and that things need to change. Ideas need to change. The way he treats and interacts with people needs to change…

I don’t know exactly HOW we fit into Mr. Scrooge’s shoes but I know that we do. As a society, we are stuck on ourselves and our business. And let’s be honest, we really aren’t concerned with anyone else’s issues, everyday dealings and triumphs. We are only concerned about our own. We live the song to the nth degree… God bless the child that’s got his OWN.

This year let’s do a little something different. We already know that half the toys are going to be destroyed tomorrow. We already know that one in six of our gifts will be taken back or re-gifted. We know that taking Christmas off is going to affect your check next week. We also know that our creditors will still be calling looking for money that was spent on something else. These things we know and don’t change. But here’s the change…

Let’s go out of our way to be kind to one another. Let’s not just give to those in our little circle but let’s give to those who NEED. Need is a strange animal. There are more needy people than the homeless. How about going to a nursing home just to sit with a resident? How about going to a hospital just to pray for people that you don’t know? Giving money to various charities is always wonderful. But, again let’s DO something different. Volunteer… somewhere.

This is my promise to you:
When you do these things, you will not only start “feeling” Christmas but so will those around you. It’s contagious!!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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