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Your Health… What is it worth?

My primary employment is in insurance. I sell life, supplemental, major medical, long term care and other personal lines of insurance. Because of my job, I am more aware than the average person about statistics, mortality rates, the causes of concern from the insurance carriers’ perspectives and regular guy concerns about health and its affects. I have a beautiful and terrible job. The beauty is that I am able to help my clients protect their families in case of an emergency, in case they need to visit the doctor or when they die. The terrible part is that I get to remind people that we are NOT immortal and that health/life insurance isn’t a luxury. It’s a NEED.

We’ve all seen the news reports talking about how over-weight we, Americans, are. We all know at least one diabetic. We all know at least one cancer patient (survivor or not). We all know at least one person with high cholesterol. We all know at least one person with hypertension (high blood pressure). Did you know that almost all of the physical issues that we face are all related to what we eat?

This year, my wife and I decided that we were going to do better by taking care of our bodies. So after some research, we started juicing. We went out and bought a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer at Walmart for $99. But, here is where we differ from many people who buy juicers. We used it. For the first 10 days, we are 100% juicing. That’s right 100% juicing – no food!!! People were tripping out; talking about how we needed to have this or that; we need our proteins; we need our vitamins and catch this… people were saying how unhealthy it was for us not to be eating!! Are you serious!?!? The reason that we are in this position is because of eating. (For the grammar people, I am changing from we’s and us’s to me and I…)

I was very proud of the weight that I had gained. I would beat my fat stomach and tell people about how many years it took me to make this. I would talk about my exercise routine which included sit-ups (sitting up at the table), pull-ups (pulling the food up to my mouth) and push backs (not push ups – pushing back from the table after being stuffed). But, we all need revelation. My revelation came in January 2012.

Our church traditionally goes on a fast every year. For those who don’t know, a fast is where you abstain from certain things in order to get your mind, body and spirit in alignment. Well, generally, I’m not the best fasting person. I would ‘cheat’ here or there. I would make excuses for the food that I ate, the times I ate and how much I ate. This year was different. I wanted to do it for real. The fast called was “no meats, no sweets and no treats”. This was like going full vegetarian. It was hard but I did it! I was soo proud of myself.

Once, the fast was over I had a nice breakfast which consisted of eggs, bacon, waffles and orange juice… did I say bacon? I had a LOT of bacon, “Mmmm bacon” (in my Homer Simpson voice)!!! After eating, I realized that I immediately had a headache and this headache lasted for 3 days. This messed me up because I had eggs, waffles and orange juice during the fast without any issue. Is bacon bad? Couldn’t be… About a week later, I stop by Burger King and to get 2 sausage and cheese croissants. Again, headache for 3 days. Finally, I went to McDonald’s and had 2 sausage, egg and cheese McMuffins with the same results. Here comes the real revelation… I realized and remembered that, BEFORE the fast, I ALWAYS had a headache. Most of the time, it was be a light headache and periodically I would be down for the count. I remembered all of the times that I would lay down and have the sensation of ‘floating’. I realized that because I ALWAYS had some sort of pork on my plate that these “3 day” headaches were overlapping. My doctor had counseled me about how high my cholesterol was and she had threatened me multiple times about putting me on medication because my blood pressure was borderline diabetic!!! But, here I am proud to be fat! And worst of all, I know that the results of ‘fatness’ are illnesses, diseases and death!!!!

So, juicing was a great way to get me back on track and paying more attention to MY body. The juicing only took me so far… primarily because of cost. Living with a health research fanatic isn’t easy. We got rid of everything GMO. We only bought organic. Farm markets became our best friend. The problem was that I would still be hungry after having a juice or having our ‘approved’ healthy meal. And, living in Ohio, the farm markets aren’t as prevalent during the fall and winter. So, I would end up still eating fast food, junk food and other stuff to meet that craving.

Many of YOU are in the same position that I was in. You know that things aren’t right with your body and you know you need to make a change. The only thing stopping you is you. I have friends and family that are overweight, severely overweight and obese. It hurts me to my core seeing some of them knowing that if they don’t change their lifestyle then their life is shortened. I love my people and only want them to attain their own revelation and the necessary changes. Life should be lived!!!!

Going on a diet is simple. It’s a quick fix. But, when the diet is over, you go back to your old ways which aren’t good for you. What we ALL need is a change of lifestyle. Change how you think about yourself. Change how you view yourself. I am not proud of my fat stomach anymore. My fat stomach offends me and I want to get rid of it!!! So, I made a change and accepted the “90-Day Challenge”. The Challenge is different for everyone. My goal is to get rid of my weight and see the scale read 200 lbs. Some people want to manage their weight by killing fat and building lean muscle. While others have financial goals that they seek… It’s all up to and about you.

After 17 days on the Challenge, I got rid of 18 pounds!! My wife had gotten rid of almost 40 pounds on the Challenge. My primary motivation for taking care of my body is this… I want to see my children grow up and be successful. I also want to see my grandchildren grow up and be successful. And, you know what? I want to see my great grandchildren grow up and be successful!!! I want to be around for a long time!! I’m not inviting death to come quicker by not changing my lifestyle.

God’s desire for us is that we have long life and be in good health. If you are interested in the Challenge or you’d like to take the Challenge with me, check out this website (, email me ( or call me (614-323-5805). I’d love to help…

I pray that today’s letter has helped or encouraged someone. You don’t have to stay on the path in front of you. Be a trailblazer and make your OWN path!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

Check out my website…

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