How many people does it take…

As the year comes to an end, we begin to look forward to the New Year with anticipation, excitement and hope for greater things. I heard a lady exclaim yesterday that looking ahead was a good thing but, let’s not forget that THIS year isn’t over yet. Today is December 28th. There are still 3 days left for THIS year. I didn’t realize it but, once we hit Christmas Day, time seems to stand still until New Year’s Day. It does that because that’s where our focus is. It’s crazy because I’m listening on a prayer line call and the intercessors have even ‘given up’ on this year. Their prayers are as if we are already in the New Year. When I was in high school, I ran track. If I only took one thing away from that experience, it would be… no matter what place you’re in… finish strong. So, why not finish strong?

My question today is…
How many people does it take to change the world?

Yesterday, after responding to my friend’s email, I felt the need to write about taking care of your body. After that, the day blossomed like an atomic bomb!!! Not only have people been responding to the letter but there has been a flood of interest in how we are managing our weight, getting rid of weight and earning our extra income. The interest was expected but not to this level!!!!

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I posted a before & after picture of my wife and we’ve been blown away! The statement that my wife made last night was, “Wow! I’ve never seen this much interest in me. I’ve never received this many ‘likes’. I can’t believe it!!” Then after studying her picture… she just kept saying, “Is that really me?”, “Was I really THAT fat?” and “How could I have gotten that big?”

The thing that’s interesting to me is that we are ALL looking for that special something to believe in. Unfortunately, we have a Missouri state of mind… we want to be shown. It’s one thing to tell someone that a thing is this way or that way. But, it’s something completely different to actually have that visual experience. There is more power in that than we recognize and give power to.

When I originally thought about the subject of this letter, I was thinking about all the notable figures in history, how their efforts have contributed to the world in which we live and how our world would be different if their contributions were missing. But, sometimes we need to skip all of the philosophy and keep the message simple. As writers, and smart people, we can dazzle you with our word usage, research and references. But, it doesn’t really matter if the message doesn’t really hit home.

Today’s message is super simple. After writing one letter and sharing a couple of pictures, the lives of countless others have been affected and changed. Because of the change that these people are making, countless others will be changed and this cycle will continue on and on…

How many people does it take to change the world? I don’t know but we can only change it one person at a time.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. The only promise that we have is the here and now. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is a mystery… Live your lives for today with no regrets. Love each other. Help each other. You will be surprised by what comes back to you…

Let’s finish this year out strong!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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