Unrecognized National Holiday…

Today is a very special day. Did you know that today marks the anniversary of…
• First coffee planted in Hawaii – 1817
The Pirates of Penzance is first performed (Paignton, Devon, England) – 1879
• Iran becomes a constitutional monarchy – 1906
Abraham Mills‘ commission declares Abner Doubleday invented baseball – 1907
• The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is formed – 1922
• The Ginza Line, the first subway line in Asia, opens in Tokyo. – 1927
• Electronic television system patented, VK Zworykin – 1938
• California opens its first freeway, the Arroyo Seco Parkway – 1940
• Wayne Gretzky scores his 50th goal in 39 games, still a National Hockey League record – 1981
• Miss Elizabeth (Hulette) & Macho Man Randy Savage (Poffo) wed – 1984
• Yugoslav government resigns – 1988
• Saddam Hussein is executed by hanging


Today, marks the birth of my father, Jackie Muriel Smith – 1943. He is 69 years old today and I am a very proud son. There is a great many things that I can say about my dad but the greatest is that I love him.

My dad has always kept life interesting because of one thing… He still thinks that he is a ‘youngster’. If you didn’t know his age, you would never be able to tell. He has a wardrobe that just doesn’t quit!!! He definitely isn’t afraid of color, fashion or staying current. One of his nicknames is ‘Cool Pops’. He doesn’t try to be but he just is… Cool Pops. He is one of the most active, vibrant, energetic, on-the-go people that you ever want to meet. He is like the Energizer Bunny on steroids. He keeps going and going and going… But, here’s the trick: Once he stops to take a pause… He is out like a light!!!

Jack Sr. is always there to lend a helping hand. He is Mr. Problem solver. He has always been there for his family and anyone else that has come his way. He has monetarily helped people get their education. He has been an Free Yellowcab. He’s been a Free AVIS Rental. He’s been a private Goodwill. And if you catch him on the right Saturday morning… He’s your private Hometown Buffet!!!

I’ve joked about this but, in all seriousness, my dad is a much bigger guy than I. He is there for people in their greatest time of need… during the loss of their loved ones. He has traveled the country just to be supportive of a family that he only knows one person, or that he worked with a relative, or that he was friends with the person’s pastor. He’s been to almost ever funeral for our family in the last 10 years and I’m not just talking about immediate family… He’s been to the funeral of that was held in some ultra remote location that isn’t on a map, that doesn’t have roads or indoor plumbing, down in the hills, between two mountains, across the “crick”, pass the old bridge where you can’t get cell phone service or GPS for that 5th cousin twice removed who married their true love only find out that they were 9th cousins four times removed and didn’t nobody like her anyway funeral. I’m totally joking… people liked her.  But, he’s that guy.

He’s taught not only my brother and I the appreciation for music but he’s been an example of faithfulness to his call. He’s been at the same church, as the church musician, lead musician, minister of music for probably 50 years!!! He’s never gone out looking for “a new gig”. He’s never seriously entertained leaving and shuns the conversation whenever it’s been brought up.

My Dad is an all-around great man and today is his NATIONAL HOLIDAY!!!

I love you BIG JACK!!!
Stay blessed,

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