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It is a very interesting assignment to lead leaders. I love every one of them. Sometimes, you need those you lead to take the initiative and help you lead.

Last night was very difficult for me. Fridays are practice days for the music ministry. The band starts at 6 and the singers begin at 7. Lately, we’ve been done by 9. This week, we have a larger than normal song list – 10 songs. That part is no big deal because we average between 6-9 songs on any given week anyway. What made this practice special is that with the New Year we had some people return to the ministry that were away. Also, our main worship leader was super late because she was at the doctor.

Practice was a little more intense due to the reunion spirit that many shared because of the returns and because of our song count. I want to respect everyone’s time and not have many marathon practices. So, staying on task was definitely one of my goals.

Here’s the problem… I wasn’t feeling well either. Conducting a band rehearsal followed by a full rehearsal can be quite draining. As the night progressed, I started feeling increasingly tired. I had to really concentrate to keep my breathing in line and all of a sudden I felt an immediate need to get some water. I get the water and now I’m feeling weak. What is going on with me? This has been going on for the last 45 minutes and it isn’t cool and I need help. Is anyone seeing this? Does anyone feel me?

I am surrounded by leaders, ministers and elders but it seems that no one is alert to these needs. These are the times where we need certain ministry gifts to be active. Not everyone is going to say, “Can someone pray for me?” Sometimes, we need people to just step up and say, “There’s something going on and we need to pray.” That didn’t happen. I endured as much as I could…

So, I immediately end the practice and almost run to the car. Now, here’s the God part (the ram in the bush)… I get a call and the person asks, “Are you okay?” I said no and she immediately begins to pray then says do you mind if I ask my boyfriend in Florida to join the line and say a pray with you? Of course, I don’t mind!!! Call him up!!! I needed help and God sent it.

My question is this… How many people come to church with spiritual needs that aren’t met until they leave? By no means am I downing anyone that was at the church. What I’m saying is that we all need to be more sensitive to the needs of our brothers and sisters. I’m guilty, as well, because when the lady came in from her doctor’s appointment and said that she had a cold, I didn’t openly pray for her. I was caught up in my own stuff. Now, look at that… I’ve found the solution to my own issue.

Sometimes, we need to take the eyes off of ourselves and attend to others. I was so consumed by my needs that I didn’t try to meet hers. The Bible says to give and it shall be given. We only use that scripture for money but what about giving a helping hand in need? Saying a prayer? Everyone is talking about her being sick and not catching what she has… why not pray for her? In the midst of that God could have met my need for healing because I gave. I’m as guilty as everyone else.

The Bible also tells us in Acts 20:35, “That it is more blessed to give than to receive”. So, what better giving than to give what YOU need?

My request is that we never forget to keep all of our leaders lifted in prayer. It’s easy to remember and pray for the President or the Pastor. What about the Youth Leader, Worship Leader, the school teacher or even your boss? The enemy is always attacking. You never know what your prayers will keep them from…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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