This year…

I have a very simple desire for this year and that is to live as God has intended.

All too often, we get caught up in the gathering. We are on a continual quest for stuff. Our eyes are on things. Our prayers are merely petitions for more objects. We ALL need a change of heart. The Bible says that wherever our treasures are, that’s where our hearts are. We’ve been completely inundated with materialism that even when we speak to God we sound like the little orphan child asking for more.

When we moved to Miami and downsized our life from over $4500/mo. in standard monthly recurring bills to less than $1000/mo., I told my wife that we will never go there again. We had a level of peace that was ridiculous. Why, because we weren’t worried about maintaining our stuff BECAUSE we didn’t having anything. Our basic needs were met but we had peace AND options. We had more options because we had more available money.

The other day, I was talking to my 10-year old about why the library is so important. As people, we have a need to learn. But, how do we learn? All of our learning doesn’t come from playing video games, toys and hanging out with our friends. Our lives aren’t completely centered around having fun. We need to expand not only our play time but our learning time. The crazy thing about this conversation was that I started to think about what I said and applied it to me as well.

As adults, we have replaced video games, toys and hanging out with friends with… cell phones, gadgets and Facebook. Some of us, me included, can’t even leave the house without our cell phone attached for fear that we’re going to miss something. Our toys are only bigger and more expensive. Now instead of buying army men, or Barbies, we are buying cars, iPads and 700in HD-LED-3D TVs!! Finally, we’ve all but forgotten how to pick-up the phone and call people. Facebook is now the new normal with the entire world watching in silence everything that we do.

Pause for a bunny trail:
Here’s something for us all. Watching someone’s life on Facebook is not being a part of their life. Just because I post things about my family, friends and OUR experiences doesn’t mean that that exempts you from calling me to say, “How are you doing?” I don’t share EVERYTHING with the whole world. Some things I only share with certain people. If you have had issues with friends, or family, and have resorted to following them quietly via social media… STOP IT!!!! Pick-up the frickin’ phone, knock on their door or even write a letter (the kind you put in the mail) and get things straight!!! I mean that, seriously.

Whew!!! I got that out.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, God’s intent for us. He wants us to live a life free of unnecessary evils. One of the largest evils that we face is the evil that we create by our lack of financial discipline. The Bible say that “borrowers are slaves to the lender”. We talk about being free in Jesus but we are bound to debt. Our Master isn’t the Lord it’s MasterCard… It also tells us to owe no one anything but to love them. That sounds like debt free living. Do you truly know how much better life would be if we didn’t have debt? Most of us, can’t even conceive such a notion…

So, my prayer is a simple one. A prayer that I adopted years ago from Pastor Louis Kayatin at Church on the North Coast in Lorain, Ohio.

Lord, we are believing for Total Life Prosperity.
We are praying for jobs and better job.
Gifts, bonuses,
Surprises, checks in the mail…
Bills paid off…
Debt decreased, income increased…
Supernatural debt reduction…
Godly encounters.
And Divine relationships…
We pray for increase in every area of our lives…
Increase in our Health, Wealth, Finances and Relationships
Lord, we thank you for living in the overflow
Lacking nothing…
I thank you, Lord for Total Life Prosperity
In Jesus’ name, Amen!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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