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What’s the purpose?

Often times, we do things out of habit. We go thru the same routines religiously every day, every week, every month and the next thing we know, a lifetime has passed by. Many of the things that we do are good things. Bathing, brushing your teeth, deodorant… these are great things!! Don’t stop. But, I’m not referring to these kinds of things. Let’s look at a bigger picture…

Due to some health concerns, I have taken a leave of absence from work. During this time away, I plan to focus on getting me together and also do a lot of soul searching. What’s interesting is that when I was talking with my manager he had spoken about how much potential that I have and how I could make a lot of money and be very successful when I totally focused on building my business. All these things are wonderful. I’ve been told about my personality and potential, quite honestly, all of my life. Unfortunately, if you know me, these things don’t move me. What moves me is people and being able to help them in whatever way that I can.

I’ve asked myself many times over the years, why do you do what you do? What’s the purpose? The same answer comes back almost every time… People. The crazy part is that I’ve been hurt, mishandled and abused by people soo many times that there is always this little barrier, sometimes a huge barrier. My friend once told me that there are a lot of layers to me and that I should share them with everyone not just ‘situational sharing’ (hehe, I just made that up – situational sharing). Situational sharing basically means that the Jackie you get is totally based on the environment, or situation. So, church people get the church Jackie. Business people get the business Jackie. Party times get the party Jackie. But, how often do people get to truly learn about the rest of Jackie? What about the giving Jackie, the loving Jackie, the caring Jackie, the problem solver Jackie, the counselor Jackie, etc. All of these different environments tap into a piece of Jackie but who gets the full deal?

My response to releasing, or letting go of, this situational sharing was this… “Why should I? What purpose will it serve for me to open myself up like that?” Everything that we are involved in is wrapped in purpose. The real question is, “What IS that purpose?”

Knowing your purpose and working in it will bring joy to those you serve. This past week, I tended to my Dad in the hospital. When we were leaving, he talked about how wonderful the staff had been to him and that he had an ‘enjoyable stay’. Wow!!! When was the last time anyone related a hospital stay to being enjoyable? That tells me that the doctors, nurses and everyone else that served my Dad worked in purpose.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been involved with my share of churches. Again, the question of purpose is still very real. What is the purpose of the church? We should ask ourselves these questions? We should ask our leaders these questions? We should ask God these questions? Many times, churches get away from their purpose because of life. A few quick examples… One church was in turmoil because the pastor died and the pastor that was appointed wasn’t liked by everyone. So this pastor carried the burden of not being accepted and this affected their decision-making. One pastor dealt with divorce and the damage that the divorce did not only to him and his family but to the church. And they watched as the church went from a “mega-church” to a storefront church in just a few years. And finally, one pastor who used to be a drug dealer reverting back to his old attitudes. So, whenever different situations would arise, we would treat people as if they were his personal entourage, or slaves. But, these are the examples of lost purpose.

On the other hand, I’ve been involved with churches that are successful and that are reaching their communities. People are being helped. People are not only learning about their Creator but learning how to manage life, finances, relationships and all of that. What I’m saying is that we need to stay on track with purpose. And, if we’ve gotten off track then we need to get back on!!!

This weekend, I was also able to meet with and hang out with my fellow “Challengers”. One of the key themes for the weekend was dealing with your mind, body and spirit. Yes, we are all small business owners / entrepreneurs. Yes, we are all here to learn about how to make our businesses grow. But, the purpose of what we do is not about the money but about helping people. Hearing the stories about how each people has been helped, seeing the results of people that have been helped and are now paying forward and being in the atmosphere of people that truly want to change the world… Now, that’s powerful!!! People wrapped in purpose!!!

At this time in my life, I’m really searching for purpose, purpose and more purpose. I don’t want to continue gliding thru life wondering what will happen next. Or just floating along being pushed here and there with no real place to stop.

How do we fix it? A couple of different ways, first things first… set goals. How can we know where we’re going if we don’t have a destination? Secondly, surround yourself with goal-oriented, purpose driven people…

Now, here’s the test. Today, when you read this letter, please hit ‘Like’ BUT, ALSO…. Tell me what YOUR goals are for this year. You can leave it as a ‘Comment’ or you can inbox me…

As always, I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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