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When I began this journey in writing, there were only two rules that I set for myself. (1) Always tell the truth, no matter what and (2) don’t write angry. Last night, I broke the second rule and wrote a scathing letter about how disappointed, disheartened and discouraged that I have become because of various things and the lack of support that I’ve received from the people who knew. Well, I thank God for my wife. She knew that I was hurting and very angry and asked to read my letter before I posted it.

After she read my letter, she asked a simple question. “What do you plan to accomplish by posting this?” The question was too simple. I wanted the whole world to know that I was angry, that I was hurting, and that I felt let down by those that I work with, minister with and many that I consider friends.

The problem that I really was facing was that when I initial revealed some of my issues, I picked people that I felt would embrace me and share love with me the way that I wanted to feel it. Unfortunately, people don’t necessarily respond the way that you expect. Many times, because of their own issues, they don’t respond at all. It doesn’t mean that they care any less about you. It just means that they have other things going on…

The crazy thing is this, I was reminded that whenever there is a need, the help comes from unexpected places, unusual resources and surprising ways. I’ve heard that people don’t do what you expect but what you inspect. To a degree, that is true. But, what I’m learning is that people don’t do what you expect, they do what they want.

I recently, reconnected with a high school classmate and I’ve been playing Word with Friends with her for several months. I decided to invite her to a party that we were having and she readily agreed. She assumed that the party was related to the game but when she realized that it wasn’t she still came and we had an incredible time. One of the things that I learned about her was that she wanted to do something special for homeless people. So, she decided to take meals to them. And guess what, without any support from anywhere, no government assistance, no non-profit help and on a single parent, going to college income… once a month, she started making and delivering hot meals to the homeless. The response from the people has been overwhelming and we decided that we are going to help. No one was expecting her to spend her own money and go feed the people. She didn’t need to be prompted or encouraged. That was something she wanted to do and she’s doing it!!

Since, last night’s actually post, I’ve received soo many words of encouragement and prayers that it’s amazing. It’s a good thing to know that people who care about and for you…

Here’s a scripture / poem that I received once that I want to share with YOU…

The Lord your God is with you…
He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17)

With every breath you take,
God celebrates in your life –
He rejoices in you… watches over you…
And lovingly keeps you in His constant care.

May you know how very much
you’re loved and valued,
not only by those of us
who know you,
but by the One who created you.

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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