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The New Me…

Because of recent events, I have a whole new outlook life. I have always been about people. I have always cared about people. I have always been concerned with the goings on concerning other people. The difference between yesterday and today is that I am no longer undercover with it. Why? Because, life is beautiful and precious but it is a volatile and unpredictable thing.

As people, many of us talk about how much we love the God. We see entertainers give speeches about Him being “the head of my life” and all of that. But, the Bible asks us how can we love Him and we can’t love the one next to you. And if you do actually love, then why don’t you? The answer is that we don’t really take into account the verse that says tomorrow is not promised. It’s a game that we play. We are placing a bet and rolling the dice…

I have played back this past week over and over in my mind. From my dad being released from the hospital; to the fear of having cancer, to the relief of not; to the concerns about finances; to the death of my unborn grandchild; to speaking on a radio show about breast cancer; to my nephew having a house fire and losing everything… the list just goes on and on. But, check this out. I’ve only listed the “major” things that have happened this week. What about all of the “less major” things that bombard our lives on a daily basis like that person that ran the light and almost hit you, or remembering that you left the stove on and had to go back home, or when you hit that patch of ice and the car skidded? And let us not forget all of the minor things like having a headache and realized that you forgot to take your medicine, or just going to work / school and all of the stresses that are provided there, or simply dealing with your family’s issues and problems. Did you know that any one of these stresses could have killed you? We could have been preparing for your funeral right now. But, we’re not going to YOUR funeral but someone else did die this week.

The part that we don’t take into account is that our lives are full of stress and not only do we have a lot of stress but its prolonged. There is a test called the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. It simply asks you to place a check next to all of the events that are happening, or recently happened, in your life. At the end of the scale, you receive a score. This score tells us our likelihood of stress related illness. I took this test and sadly, scored over 400. And this is with me actively de-stressing my life…

We have been lied to so often that when truth is given to us, we reject it and suspect that there’s more to the story. When a moment of truth is presented, we are wondering if it really real or what the catch is. I end every letter with two statements. One is “Stay Blessed”. Why is that? I already know that you’re blessed and sometimes we need to be reminded that we are blessed. No matter what you may be facing in life right now… you are still blessed. The other statement is, “I love you ALL”. I know, it’s a huge sweeping statement that lends itself to fairy tales. Some may even say that it’s impossible to love everyone. No, I beg to differ. I learned long ago that when it comes to relationships, there is a special someone for everyone. That means that no matter what the couple looks like, they were made for each other. There was a ‘special something’ about that woman that the man saw and vice versa. You may not see that special something but it’s there. And, in order to see it we can’t be surface oriented, or shallow. We have to look deeper. Whether I acknowledge it to you directly or not… I’ve found that special something in YOU. It’s a little different from person to person but it’s always there… And one day, I’ll tell you what it is…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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