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Prophetic Gathering…

I will start today’s letter by saying this, “Yesterday’s services were unlike anything that I’ve ever been in!!” Our church invited a prophet to minister for 2 services only. His name is Bishop Demetrius Sinegal. This man is truly a vessel from God.

Being in church all of my life, when it comes to prophets, I am extremely skeptical. Generally, the person comes in preaches a sermon, prophesies a bunch of generalities to people, raises an offering and leaves. Not this one!!!

During the morning service, he starts out by pointing out a lady in the crowd. He calls her first name and then he calls her son’s name. Now, he begins to talk about how a business of hers will grow and prosper but, he also calls out the name of the business. What makes this soo interesting is that this lady is one of the quietest people in the congregation. She is one of those people that if you didn’t make yourself known to her… you wouldn’t know her. You’d be surprised how many people asked me, “Did he just say her name? I didn’t know even her name!!” Then at the close of this prophesy, he calls her by her full name!!

All I could say was… Wow!!! Then he points out another lady and calls her first name. He then starts talking about God hearing her prayers for “Michael, Michael, Michael”. Btw, Michael is her husband!!! Then he tells her that her family problems will be coming to an end. He then says her maiden name and says on that side of the family!!

Not only did he prophesy to a bunch of people but the man could preach!! He spoke about the “Prodigal Son”. Of course, this text has been preached a gazillion times and it’s like “Preaching 101” but, not the way he brought it!! Unlike every other time I’ve heard this message, he preached in DEFENSE of the prodigal son!!! OMG!!! All I will say is that I will never see that scripture the same way ever again!!!!!

Needless to say, the morning service was amazing!!! And the bar of expectation was definitely set for the evening service… But here’s the kicker!!! He asks for people to bring the sick and infirmed to the afternoon service because there WILL BE HEALINGS!!!

Again, the expectation had been set for the afternoon service and God definitely used him again!! He preached and prophesied. A couple highlights were when he called out a man (which happened to be the husband – Michael, from the morning service) and began to tell him about his business. Not only did he tell him about his business and the release of new business contracts and government contracts but he called out the name – T&M Contractors!!!

He now calls for business owners. I am already juiced by what has already happened and when he calls for business owners, I immediately began to dance. He sees me and asks, “are you a business owner?” and I reply, “yes…” He said, “well, you’re dancing already” then he says something about “becoming a millionaire when you run”. I didn’t hear the whole thing!!! All I heard was Millionaire and Run!!!! After I finished the run, he then tells me to go tell that lady in the back of the church that she’ll “never want for anything”. Check this out!!! He sent me to my WIFE!!!!

Okay, okay, okay… Now is where it gets interesting!!!

He is still prophesying to various people and every time he speaks, he gives extreme details. But, now he calls for the sick folks… A lady came up that had a lump on her breast. That’s right I said had!!! She came to service with the lump but didn’t leave with it!!!!

Another lady was deaf in her left ear. Did you catch that? I said she WAS deaf in her left ear!!! He asked everyone to begin responding to the healing as if it were already done. We all started dancing and screaming. He begins to speak to the “spirit of deafness” and commands that “what was there before, will be there no more”. ALL OF A SUDDEN, the lady grabs her ear and says IT’S LOUD IN HERE!!!! She got her hearing back on the spot. So much so that later in the service you’ll notice that she had put tissues in her ear because of how LOUD it was!!!!

These were just my personal highlights of yesterday’s events!!! All I can say is… Wow!!! God still moves in miraculous ways!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,


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