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Negative exposure…

Yesterday was the second inauguration of the President of the United States, Mr. Barack H. Obama. No matter what side of the aisle that you sit on… all of the pomp and circumstance is pretty cool. I watched some of the festivities and I liked watching the process.

The thing that caught my attention was Michelle Obama. I may not agree with her husband’s political stance on much of anything but I do agree that this lady does have class. She carries herself extremely well and I have to give it to her… she can surely dress!! The dresses that she wore yesterday were great choices. I especially liked the outfit she wore during the day. If you ever get a chance to see her 2009 Inauguration Dress at the Smithsonian, please do. You’ll be amazed at the detail but, I’m staying positive this morning. I won’t even mention all of the ‘spiders’ on the dress…

I was doing a little surfing and what caught my attention was how many negative comments have been made about Mrs. Obama. My question is this, “What has she done to garner so much venom?” The attacks on her were grade school-ish to say the least and I must admit that the released photos weren’t always the best. It seems as if the editors are looking for the photos where she isn’t smiling or has a grimace. But, that leads into my subject…

What happens when WE are our own editors? Do we care about the image that we are displaying for the world to see? Or are we just revealing our true selves?

Yesterday, my brother posted a stinging comment about what I call, “The Masquerade”. Basically, he brought light to an ongoing issue where people act a certain way but in their hearts they feel another and share their true feelings on Facebook/Twitter. The thing about The Masquerade and Social Media is this… They don’t work well together!!!

The reason they don’t work well together is that Social Media is all about sharing whereas The Masquerade is all about secrecy. It’s one thing to have a feeling that something isn’t right, or doesn’t gel, when it comes to people. We’ve all had that feeling. It’s another thing to get the revelation online and direct from the profile of the person you felt the weirdness from…

Here’s the overview of the story. We all were involved in an event where the keynote speaker brought in his own people. We worked together during the event and once it was over, the traditional exchange of contact info was done. So here’s the switch… before connecting with the other people, my brother decides to read some of their comments/posts. Lo and behold, these people were making negative comments about the patrons at the event, the work that was being done and about my brother and I. The worst part about it was that these people were making these comments/posts DURING the event while smiling at us.

There is a myriad of directions that I can go with this but I’ll just stick to one… Integrity. When people go thru these types of exchanges, I see their lack of integrity. The funny thing is that people have been lacking in integrity for centuries; since the beginning of time. It is now because of our shrinking society that the covers are being taken off by our own doing!!! All I’m saying is that we expose our own negative natures by what we post. I’m not seated in an ivory tower on a pedestal. Some of my letters have more meaning to some more than others but, that comes with relationship. I make a concerted effort to be uplifting and thought provoking whereas some of us are just plain mean.

How do we fix this? WE can’t fix this but YOU can. Some things need to be checked within ourselves, it’s personal. Integrity is something that’s internal. Social media is only a vehicle that shows our nature to the world. It’s up to you whether it will be a positive or negative exposure…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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