What am I meant to do?

As a father, it is very interesting watching and learning as my children grow and seeing their different attitudes and thoughts towards life. It’s strange because they are being brought up in the same environment but their views are like night and day. These differences in views are the building blocks of who they are as individuals. We all share in these differences and that’s what makes people special.

As a child, I watched my father go to work every day to the same company. When he finally retired, he had worked at this company for more than 35 years. Of course, this is what we call ‘old school’. Can you imagine in today’s society working for a company for an entire lifetime? Let me help you… NO!!! At one time, it was completely acceptable and expected that people in Information Technology field would change employers every 2 years, no matter what. So, compared to my dad, I would have worked for 17 ½ companies by retirement versus his 1. That’s powerful!!! But, that is who my dad is. He’s been at the same church for over 40 years as well. That is his personality and his character. He and I definitely different when it comes to that…

But, we aren’t as different as we may seem. A lot of our differences are based on our environment. Check this out… 40 years ago, companies were expected to stick around for more than 5-10 years. There was brand loyalty and pride in production. I remember shopping with my in-laws for appliances. My father-in-law had worked at and retired from GE. So, without fail, they always leaned towards GE products even in the face of GE not being the “best” or the least expensive product. Today, we may have our picks but for the most part we don’t care where a product came from or who made it.

In better understanding our character, we can find our true purpose in life. One of my sons, Mike, loves to work. He loves to cleanup and at times, volunteers to do things around the house and at school. But, I have another son who could care less!!! He doesn’t even like to scrape his plate after dinner!! My wife asked him once, “If you don’t clean up your mess, who is going to do it?” He responded without skipping a beat and said… “Mike!!!” What’s interesting is that this child is extremely creative and he loves directing others. It’s up to us to focus on the strengths of each individual child and as the Bible says… train them in the way that THEY should go!!!

We have misinterpreted that scripture and get upset with the child when he didn’t want to go the direction that we wanted. Let’s get clarity. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” This scripture has nothing to do with OUR desires for the child. This scripture is ALL about the CHILD. The greatest battles that I’ve fought with my father were generally around my decisions not to stay in one place or work for/retire from a ‘good company’. That wasn’t, and still isn’t, me.

So, I’ve been on a lifelong quest for finding my purpose and what I’m meant to do. But after 40+ years, I think I may have found my niche!!! Time will tell!!!

My word to YOU is this… Don’t stop looking until you find it!! We are ALL meant to do something special. We are ALL here to help each other and to love each other.

What’s the assignment today? If you’ve already found your purpose, help someone who is struggling to find theirs!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,


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