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I didn’t realize that I needed that…

Because of our schedules, our rituals, and our habits… we don’t always get to stop and smell the roses. We don’t really appreciate the little things that occur in our lives. So, when our stuff is interrupted, we are forced to step back a take a look at what’s really going on…

Today is the 51st day of my 90 day fitness Challenge. I was talking to my wife about this journey and all that has happened since it started. When I decided to start my fitness Challenge, I felt good (or so I thought). Health-wise, I had some minor concerns like the possibility of being placed on cholesterol meds and being borderline diabetic. I called these concerns minor because it seems like almost everyone I know (family, friend, co-worker and other) is dealing with these issues. So, being told that I had these issues was concerning but in the back of my mind there was a sense of expectation because everyone else has it. My energy levels were fine. I could do everything that I wanted to do with little effort. The key with that was I really didn’t want to do much. When asked about exercise, my response has been, “My idea of exercise is walking to the car!!” or “I do sit-ups… I sit up at the table”… you know offshoots of living a mediocre life. But, guess what? I was fine.

Then, I started getting rid of weight. In my first 30 days I got rid of 22 lbs. and an amazing thing happened. I realized that I didn’t have a lot of energy before because now instead of walking up the stairs… I run, I skip steps and I even challenge myself to see how fast I can go up and come back down. I would have NEVER done that before. I’ve been seeing my doctors and a consistent theme has been this… all of your vitals are perfect. Perfect? Yes, no more borderline anything – cholesterol or hypertension!!! It’s a great feeling going to the doctor now because I know that these “issues” aren’t really an issue anymore. In short, I didn’t realize that I needed to get rid of the weight until I started getting rid of it!!!! My life has truly changed!!!

BUT, it doesn’t start and end there with physical fitness. Yesterday was my brother’s birthday and I have a standing appointment to have lunch with him. So, he and I went to lunch with his pastor. We shared, cut-up, laughed and talked. We had a really good time. Normally, going to lunch for me is going out with clients, customers or business people of some sort. The time is well spent but it is still business. All parties involved have that feeling of let’s get to the matter at hand, do your presentation, let’s get to the particulars and let’s get outta here. These luncheons can be as short as 30 minutes and a marathon luncheon an hour and a half. There was soo much freedom for me yesterday. It was a complete turnaround because there were no agendas, talking points or anything like that. It was great AND we ended up hanging out in J. Alexander’s for over 2 ½ hours!!! We arrived in the heat of lunch and when we left there was hardly anyone there! Upon getting into the car, I told my brother… I didn’t realize how much I needed that.

In seeing just these two examples in MY OWN life, I am looking for other places in my life that need shaken up!!! Check this out… we’ve heard all too often that life is short and that we should enjoy it. My question is this, how do we know if we’re truly enjoying life if we aren’t doing anything different from one day to the next? I dare to say that MOST of us aren’t LIVING life, we are SURVIVING it and that’s no way to go.

So, how do we fix it? One thing that I’ve learned is that since we are a schedule-based society, then we need to sit down with our planners and SCHEDULE some shake-up time. Don’t set it way off into the future either. Plan some down time, TODAY. Plan a one-day trip for THIS weekend. Plan a party for next week. What would you be celebrating? How about having a New Month Party!!! We celebrate the New Year, what’s the difference?

Let’s not forget that every day is a gift. Are you going to unwrap this gift and enjoy it or just sit it on the shelf?

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,


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