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One of the coolest things in the world is when someone does something that you talk about to you. Yesterday, I received a random phone call from a musician friend of mine that I hadn’t spoken to in almost a year. The reason that he called was that he was going thru his phone and just wanted to reach out. That call blessed me…

You see, I talk about reaching out to people and continuing to build and strengthen relationships and friendships but, generally, I’m the one who reaches out. For someone to do that to me was AWESOME!!! That one call brought a new invigoration and a renewed sense of urgency to me. Being the recipient also brought me hope.

As inspirational people, we need inspiration. I was messaging with a lady this morning and I told her about how inspiring she was to me. Why? Because she is. The funny thing is that she started her fitness/weight-loss Challenge because of the various posts and pictures that my wife and I have been putting on Facebook. She saw the changes that we’ve been making and it encouraged her to get started. The flip side is this… her tenacity and fervor has been encouraging to me and I share that with others. She actually pushes ME!!!

One place that we tend to blow it is this… We weren’t designed to keep things. We were designed to take in, process, put it out and share. Physically: We eat. Our bodies process the food. After the food is processed, we get rid of it. But, here’s the interesting part. If we liked what we ate, we share it. If we didn’t like what we ate, we share it. Perfect example… Remember when you finally got to have a piece of Sis. D’s sweet potato pie that everyone had been talking about. You took one bite and it was nasty. The first thing you that you said was, “Taste this and tell me what you think…”. You ate, processed, waste is happening but then you shared. It’s a simple process but we don’t always apply it. But, that’s with food. What does that have to do with encouragement? I’m glad you asked…

The same process that we embark on when it comes to eating is the same process for information and relationships. We take it in, process it, get rid of the “waste” and share the experience. Each part of the process is important. It’s a four-legged chair. You can have a three-legged chair and it will stand but it’s not as study. You cannot have a 2-legged chair it won’t stand at all. Having an outlet to share our experiences is vital… I was messaging with a another writer and they were a bit apprehensive about starting their own blog. Well, all I know is this… Writers must Write. Singers must Sing. Musicians must Play. Artist must do Art. Whether or not you feel that there is an audience… you have to do what you’ve been called to do. Before I started my blog, I didn’t have an audience either…

I don’t really think there’s anything to fix this time but I do say this,
“Keep encouraging one another.” Sharing isn’t only a nice thing to do but it’s needed. Someone needs to hear your story. They need to hear what you have to say…

I love you ALL!!!!
Stay Blessed,

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