Devotional Observations

Church As Usual…

I find it very interesting that almost every pentecostal church that you go to, or visit, all talk about not having ‘church as usual’. This phrase has become soo cliched that it’s ridiculous. I say that because 99% of the time the churches are moving in insanity. Insanity? Yes, I said it… insanity.

One definition of insanity is… “extreme folly or unreasonableness”. Another catch phrase for insanity is… “doing the same thing expecting different results”. This is where many of us are. It’s not the church’s fault for this folly but it’s US. We talk about no more church as usual but WE don’t change a thing!! Not only have we not changed but we are expecting different results.

I recently went to a church service and God met the service at Hello. The pastor was trying to “start” service but the Spirit of God was soo heavy that he just couldn’t. The funny thing is that he said, “I know this is only the introduction to the service but God wants us to do things differently.” The service started off in FULL TILT!!! The Heavenly Host was in the building!! But, a few moments later… he brought the service back into ‘programmed mode’. AAARGH!!!! When he did that, we downshifted from 6th gear to 2nd in a flash!!! I saw, in the spirit, the angels backup. Service literally had to be “rebooted”. It finally did get back to that level and the spirit of prophecy was released not only thru the pastor but members AND visitors!!

Another example… I was the Minister of Music, at a church down south, and sometimes we’d start service and God would show Himself mightily from the first hand clap. Now, the pastor’s study was connected to the sanctuary. So we’d watch for his door to open for his entrance. Many times he wasn’t in the building when service started or he’d be watching TV in his office and missed the move of God that happened. I would get notes from the ushers saying that we needed to, “go a little longer” or “He ain’t here yet. Do you have another song?” BUT, once he arrived he’d yell at people for not getting with him… Sooo may times I just wanted to say, “Dude, they are in the after glow!!! They’ve already been with Jesus. It’s YOUR turn. You need to catch up!!!” Eventually, we left that ministry… Thank God!!! But, I still pray for those souls that are still there. God is God and He will not be mocked… Nuff sed!!!

All that to say this… I spoke to the first pastor after service the other day. And I told him what God showed me about the angels backing away. The confirmation was that, he admitted that God told him, after the service was downshifted, that he was supposed to stay where we were. That was powerful to me because this pastor didn’t have to share that with me. He’s the pastor. He only has to answer to God. I’m just some guy visiting… The thought that came to me was, “How many other pastors are willing to admit that they’ve missed it?” Unfortunately, very few.

As members and patrons of our various assemblies, it’s up to us how every service will flow. Don’t be calling me blasphemous… The Bible tells us to enter in singing and praising. Most of the time, we enter complaining and tripping. When we elevate our hearts, minds and spirits to where God has intended us to be… He will do the rest. When we have spent time in His presence BEFORE entering the gates (not just in the car on the way) then the move of God will be made clearer and easier. We have to walk in Godly expectation. We have to make a demand on the Spirit of God!!! And when we do that… THE HEAVENS WILL BE OPENED and there will be NO MORE CHURCH AS USUAL!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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