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12 Relationship Truths… Pt 4/12

Friends and family won’t always support your goals, but you must pursue them anyway.

Next to our battles within ourselves, the greatest battle that we face is when those closest to us don’t, or won’t, support us. The reasons that WE do things and the status quo don’t always match up and quite honestly, people don’t like it when you rock the boat.

When I graduated from high school, my dad ‘encouraged’ me to get a job at AT&T/Lucent where he worked. The thing that was cool about this job was the pay!!! It paid very well. But, it was a factory job. The work was super easy but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. My desire was to work with computers. I wanted to dress up every day and work in an office. Even tho I had a nice job, I continued to apply for other positions. When I finally told my dad that I didn’t want to work there AND I was actively pursuing other employment… OMG!!! That man lost his ever-loving mind!!!

My dad didn’t see what I saw. His generation said, “Once you find a ‘good job’, you stay there. You build a family there. You retire there.” My generation didn’t see things that way. My generation said, “Find an ‘okay job’, increase your marketability by learning as much as you can. Get a ‘better job’, increase your marketability by learning as much as you can. Then repeat, repeat, repeat…” His generation of worker would stay at a job for 30 years whereas mine would constantly move every 2 years.

BUT, no matter what, I still had to press on towards MY goals. The primary reason that I had to keep pressing is this… They’re MY goals not YOURS. I have to do what’s best for me and not what you think is best for me. Now, by no means am I saying to disregard counsel and reality checks. Sometimes, we NEED those sobering conversations to bring us off of our high horse. But, what I’m saying here is that we can’t lose our focus and be distracted by the ‘here and now’. Our future and destiny is at stake…

The funny thing is that I ended up working with computers in the Information Technology field for almost 25 years. Close to 10 years of that, I was the business owner and not just an employee!!

We can’t live for others. YOU can’t live for others!! That’s up to them. YOU weren’t destined to do the same thing as everyone else. YOU are a trailblazer!! YOU have to strive for YOUR goals. Otherwise, you will be left unfulfilled, wishing and wondering what life would have, could have or, should have been like had you gone another way… JUST LIKE THEM.

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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