Change is never easy…

This was one of the last things our pastor said this morning on our prayer call. A truer statement would be hard to find… There are 3 categories of change that I’ll talk about today – Wanted, Needed, and Natural Change.

Change that’s WANTED is like upgrading your car or TV. Your current one works and there’s nothing wrong with it. But, there is a desire to “up your game”. Many of us, make these changes over time. The desire is ever present but we don’t mind waiting for the ‘right time’ to make that change. Generally, this change is minor and only affects a small number of people.

NEEDED change, on the other hand, has urgency to it. Stressful, or unhealthy, situations are cause for needed change. Many of our jobs or relationships NEED changed. The difference here is that the need can supersede rationale and decisions can be made irrationally and the affect has a much broader reach.

NATURAL change unlike wanted or needed change has nothing to do with YOU. You know the phrase, “Life Happens”. Well, God preordained some things during creation and one of those is change. Living in Ohio, I can want and need Summer to be everlasting. But, guess what? It ain’t happening. Why not? If a prophet can hold up the rain then why can’t we speak to the atmosphere and cause summer to be neverending? Well, the reality of my desire is this. I want something that this area doesn’t provide. So, why not just move back to Florida? That would be the appropriate change.

You see, people change. The weather changes. Seasons change. Change is all around us. Some change we can control whereas other changes are thrust upon us. What matters isn’t the change itself but how you handle it.

It’s like when I was growing up. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything that my parents told me to do. But, here’s the message… I can do what I was asked and get it over with or I could rebel, get a whoopin’, and THEN do what I was asked. Either way, the change happened. We can go down kicking and screaming or we can just make the move and be done with it. It’s up to you…

There really isn’t a fix for change but an update to our attitude towards it. When change is upon you… Survey the situation, appropriately categorize it, make the decision(s) about it, and move on… Fighting only makes change more difficult and stressful. Be a peace and go with the flow.

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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