Cut out the options…

In today’s society, one of the largest issues that we have is ‘options‘. What’s funny is that having options is a good AND bad thing to have. The more options that you have, the less likely we are to make immediate decisions. Here’s an example…

My wife and I love to watch movies. Generally, we are either watching movies on DVD, Netflix or iTunes. Almost every movie night, the same conversation happens.

What movie do you want to watch?
I don’t know… What do YOU want to watch?
I don’t know… What KIND of movie do you want to watch?
I don’t know… YOU pick it…
I picked the last one… So, what do you want to SEE?

This exchange can go on forever! It’s like the vultures in the Jungle Book!!! But, unlike those birds, the indecision isn’t because of lack of options but because of too many options. On iTunes, we have about 50 movies in our collection. On DVD, we have about 400 movies. On NetFlix, we have thousands of options!!! What’s interesting is that many times we will just pick something that we’ve seen a gajillion times where we’ll end up asleep before the opening credits or I’ll just pick something just to end the frustration.

This same exchange happens within us all of the time tho. When I sold insurance, one of the biggest things that people would say was, “I need to think about it.” The reason that most people need to think about it is because they want to review their OPTIONS. They desire to make the best decision according to ALL of their available options. But, the more options that you see, the more options that you’ll want to see. The next thing you know, it’s 3 months later and you still haven’t made a decision OR you come back to the original option that you were presented!!

How do we fix it?
Here’s the hard truth, we need to eliminate ALL of the options. The options are just excuses for NOT making a decision. Every situation that we are presented comes down to two things… WILL I or WILL I NOT. That’s it!!! It’s not about let me think about it, let me test something else, let me see what they have to say about it, and all of the rest of those thoughts that flow thru our minds. It all comes back to a decision. Yes, I will or No, I won’t. It’s binary code, either a 1 or 0.

Life really is black and white. There really isn’t a gray area. When asking my children about their morning routine, I’ll say, “Did you brush your teeth?” The answer is either yes or no. But, the moment that a story arises then, the answer is clear. No, I didn’t brush my teeth. That’s a child’s way of learning to make excuses. As adults, we have gotten better at indecision because we’ve just come up with more creative ways to explain why we haven’t or didn’t make a decision.

Ever so often, I’ll watch one of those TV shows like Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. I especially enjoy watching the shows about “Are you the Daddy”. The exchanges between the people prior to the results are sad but funny. Why funny? Because as a participant in the show, you already know whether you slept with that guy or not. If he was the ONLY guy (no other options) then why are you on the show? Why do you need the test? And when the results come and it’s NOT the guy on stage… then what? If you would have eliminated the options from the beginning then…

I digress.

One of life’s lessons is simply about making decisions. The switch is either on or off. There is no middle ground. Stop procrastinating and delaying. Things will become soo much easier for you once you start making decisions and moving on with your life.

My wife and I will probably never make a quick decision about a movie but, we still try…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


One reply on “Cut out the options…”

Really a thoughtful topic to write about… Like everything has pros & cons… so is the availability of options,…they give us varities, they give us choices, they give us different ways to explore…they make our world challenging, new, random… but at the some point of time they end up creating complexities.
It is just lik having varities of threads…different shades…different colours.. v can choose at our will & create a beautiful thing out of those… but at times we end up getting tangled in all of those witout a way out & mess up the things..
Problem is not in options…but in how we handle them.. We shall keep a clear vision, a clear distinction, a clear mind & a clear heart. We shall accept to choose not all at once but one or some at once…so that we don’t end up making a mess.


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