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First, I would like to say congratulations to ME!! This letter marks my 100th post!!! This journey started just as a way for me to keep my self mentally stable and also help other people know that they aren’t alone in life struggles. As a bonus, I’ve been more than transparent in my emotional journey and I just wanted MEN to know that you don’t have to always cover your feelings. And that a man that can share his inner thoughts and feelings is a STRONG man!! Finally, I want to thank all of you that have supported me on this journey. I look forward to even greater things right now and in the future… Btw, I’m currently compiling all of my letters into a book. So, look out for that!!! 🙂

As I was writing my hello, I realized that today’s topic matches my hello. You see, it hasn’t been the easiest thing to get up ever morning between 3:00am and 4:30am to sit down and write. There have been many days where I just didn’t want to do it or I felt like I had nothing to say. But, the interesting piece is that once I began to type, the words just seem to flow.

Yesterday, we had a Challenge Party for a new friend, Regina. The thing that is soo cool about her is that once she heard about the Challenge, she began to promote it!! Wait, I may have said it too quickly. Once she HEARD about the Challenge… This lady had never seen the product, tasted a shake or even sat in a presentation about what the Challenge was all about but once she HEARD about it, she IMMEDIATELY started promoting it to her friends, family and even strangers!!!

I don’t care what business you’re in… marketing is key to your success! As network marketers, we dream of people who are this excited about the business, whatever that business may be. But, you know what? Regina is a rare jewel!! She is a diamond!! I’m not saying that to boost her but it is truth. You’ve got to understand this one thing, it’s all about the numbers… Let me explain.

For the average person, we need to be touched by a product at least three times before we make our decision to purchase. That is fact. So, when reaching out to people, we never know which touch we are. We may be the first, second, third or twentieth. We never know. But, the key is that we keep reaching out. Many salespeople, marketers and small business owners get frustrated by the reach and quit reaching. This is where endurance kicks in.

Personally, it took five real touches before I started my Challenge. I was introduced to the Challenge by Greg. A few months later, I was reintroduced to the Challenge by Cory. A couple months later, I was being worn down by Dave. While Dave was wearing me down, I watched Jerry’s journey. Then, I made a decision… I know some of you are counting and so far, that’s only four touches. I wasn’t lying it took five touches before I started MY Challenge. You see, I decided to put my wife on the Challenge!!! Once, I saw how much energy that she had and how the Challenge was working for her then, I decided not only to start my own Challenge but also promote it!!

Here’s why I don’t quit… My journey just to the decision took about 8 or 9 months!!! I now wish that I would have made this decision sooner but my experience only tells me not to give up on anyone. We may get weary in hearing all of the no’s and all of the excuses as to why the person in front of us can’t, or won’t, do it NOW. But, if you believe in what you’re doing, get upset and quit doing it!!! There’s a Regina waiting in the wings!! If I don’t reach her someone else will!!!

As a consumer, the first thing that I want to know is… Do you believe in, stand behind and USE what you are promoting. If you don’t then I don’t want anything to do with you!!! If you get discouraged along the way because other people aren’t getting on board then you need to update your upline and your sphere. You need to get involved with people who are excited and on fire!!! Your solitude will create negative momentum and cause you to quit!!

I am the head musician at my church and yesterday I told the team that I’m not always excited about the job that I do as a musician but what I am is excited about is God. When I come to service, I am coming in expectation!! I am a promoter for Jesus Christ!! I believe in the product and what it can do. I can’t quit when it doesn’t seem like things are going the way I think they should. Well, why not? It’s simple. If I quit believing then someone else will too. We don’t just promote but we lead and there is a ripple effect whether good or bad that we ALL create!!!

In the times that I feel the lowest, those are the times that I reach out to my team. I reach out to my circle. I reach out. After reaching, I push harder!!! If I don’t push then who will? And in those moments of desperation, that is when something magnificent will happen!!!

Quite honestly, yesterday morning started out in the pit. I wrote about ‘focus’ because I needed it for myself!! When I got to work, I saw that my co-workers weren’t all focused either. But, we prayed, pressed in and pushed thru!!! The outcome of that was phenomenal and it set the stage for the rest of my day which ended in the palace and receiving a jewel like Regina!!!

The Bible says he that endures to the end will be saved. Some things we have to fight for. So, when you get overburdened with life just know this one little thing… Endurance isn’t a sprint but a marathon. And I’m fighting for YOU!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

Happy 100th Edition!!!!

If you’d like more information about the Challenge, check out my website…


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