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Assurance versus Insurance

When I sold insurance, I was in the business of covering risks. I helped people determine the level of coverage needed to protect them ‘in case’ something were to happen to them, or their loved ones. This is a great business to be a part of but there is one minor flaw… the risks.

Insurance is a reaction. It is based on the risks as they stand, today. The risks are different from person to person and what you pay will vary based on these risks. Unfortunately, the greater the perceived risks the greater your premium, or greater the chance for denial. A simple example is this… I once gave an individual a ‘standard’ quote for life insurance of $60/month. This individual was in his mid- to late 50s and this was a great quote for the amount of the policy. After getting in the hands of the underwriters, they decided that his risks were far too high, because of his weight, for a standard rating and came back with a new premium of $320/month. On the other hand, I gave a standard quote of $85/mo to a lady and the underwriters came back with a super preferred rating with a $55/mo premium. It all depends on the risks…

Assurance is an action, not a reaction. It is confidence, safety, certainty, a guarantee. Assurance says that the state you are currently in is going to change and positively affect the rest of your life for the rest of your life… And, no, that wasn’t a typo! The rest of your life will be affected for the rest of your life!!!

You see, I am now in the assurance business. I am no longer reacting to the risks but changing the game completely!! I am now able to help my friends better themselves by helping them physically, mentally, and spiritually. Why only work with my friends? I no longer see those that I help as on promoters and customers. They are my friends!!! How do I do it?

I help people change their lives by helping them get into shape, staying fit, getting proper nutrition and losing weight. We do all of that, in a method that’s easy to do and can be duplicated for you AND yours.

It’s about our perception. When we are feeling good in our bodies, our mindset changes. When we have less weight and more energy, we see ourselves differently. That new vision exudes confidence, determination and swagger!! When we look in the mirror and see what we like looking back at us… man, there’s no greater feeling and that empowers us!!! My wife calls it, “Getting Your Sexy Back!”

When we start attaining our physical and mental goals, we actually begin a spiritual journey, as well. The closer that we get to our goals, we actually achieve a greater inner peace, at the same time. You see, when we aren’t at peace within ourselves, our entire life is affected. We spiral down that road of bad decision, or even worse that road of indecision. We look to food to comfort us. Our energy is stripped and believe it or not, we strip the energy of those around us!!

Here’s my guarantee…
As you start your journey to wellness,
…there will be days that will be harder than others.
…there will be days that you will not want to keep going.
…there will be days that you ‘cheat’.
…there will be times that you feel like the journey isn’t worth it.
…there will be times that you will want to give up.

But, also as you start your journey to wellness,
…there will be days of celebration and accomplishment.
…there will be days that not only will you be empowered but you’ll encourage others.
…there will be days that ‘cheating’ will not even be an option and your former temptations will not even be appealing to you.
…there will be times that you know that the journey isn’t just worth it but you’ll actually bring others along with you.
…there will be days that the True Champion within YOU will rise up and you’ll be shocked at the person that you’ve become!!!
…you will actually start living life!!!
…you will start enjoying life!!!

By the way, I almost forgot about another benefit of my assurance business. Do you remember those risks in insurance? As a side benefit, as you become healthier, getting into better shape, getting fit, and losing weight… your insurance premiums will change for the better!!!

If you, or anyone that you know, is in need of assurance, please let me know. I am here for YOU!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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