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My Favorite Childhood Memories…

Today, I woke up and was just reminiscing on days gone by. I was thinking about a simpler time in life. A time when nothing really mattered except having fun and seeing what adventures we could get into next… I was thinking about yesterday. Lol…

One of the greatest mistakes that we make is in growing up. I love the old commercial that Toy R Us used to run that said, “I don’t wanna grow up. I’m a Toys R Us kid…” There isn’t a greater statement to be made. Think about this, who really wants to grow up?

Before we grew up, we had fun. We liked to play. We liked to meet up with our friends and have a good time. We could sit on the curb with a friend eating a hot dog and that would be considered a power lunch! A good time was going to the corner store and buying $3 worth of candy and seeing how much of it we could eat before our parents found out. The ideal day was riding our bicycles for hours at a time only coming home to eat lunch and going right back out. A bad day was when it rained and we had to take off our muddy clothes at the door because our moms didn’t want us tracking that stuff all over the house. But guess what… even on a ‘bad’ day we still enjoyed life.

One of the most exciting periods was when my parents would let me spend the summers with my grandmother (my nanna). Nanna was cool. She was the original Willy Wonka, Dr. Who, Mr. Rogers, Speedracer and Martha Stewart ALL wrapped up in one!!! You see she was an entrepreneur. She was a retailer. She sold rummage. She would go to yard/garage sales and flea markets buy their stuff and resell it. The cool part was that she had so much stuff that it was an adventure in finding the ‘cool’ stuff. One day she came home with a couple comic books. Let me correct that… she came home with a couple of BOXES of comic books!!!! Everything from Jughead and Archie to Josie and the Pussycats to Superman to the Flash to Tales from the Darkside. She even had an original Batman Issue 2!!!!

Do you remember where the greatest place was to ride in the car? If you said, “the back window”… You are correct!!!! Yes, we used to ride in the back window and look up at the sky. Or roll down the window and let the air blow your hand around like you were flying…

Do you remember road trips? Yes, road trips!!! Everyone jumping in the car with no destination in mind but we drove around for 2 hours just looking out the window! One of the highlights from the road trip was getting a Slushy, drinking it too fast and yup… BRAIN FREEZE!!!

But, as we got older, we messed around and started growing up. We stopped enjoying a fully loaded coney dog with the toppings dripping out the back when we bite into it. We stopped playing Evil Knievel with our bikes and homemade ramps. We stopped living.

My nanna passed away quite a few years ago but the sad part is this… Who is the next nanna? Of course, she did what she had to because that was her job but who is that cool older lady that still enjoys herself AND her children? And just for the record, EVERYONE was her children!!

Chuck E. Cheese has it right. It is the place where a kid can be a kid. As grown-ups, where is THAT place for us?

How do we fix this problem of growing up? Don’t grow up!! We all need to ‘mature’ but don’t kill your inner child. Michael Jackson was an example of the opposing extreme. He held tight to his inner child to a fault. I’m not saying that we should go build Neverland 2 but don’t let that trip to Disney every 8 years be the only time that we act Goofy!!

Take a ride on the Great Space Coaster.
Join Marty McFly on a trip Back to the Future.
Don’t forget to dream. So, help me sing along with Jiminy Cricket…

“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those to love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true”

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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