Devotional Observations

The Call…

I’m actually running late for church but, I know that many are expecting the next letter. Needless to say, this letter will be brief…

One thing that has always been interesting to me is about ‘invitations’. Whenever someone is having a party they contact the people that they want to go. People who don’t receive that call aren’t invited. The same thing is true when it comes to spiritual things. The Bible says that ‘many are called…’ It doesn’t say everyone is called and even less are ‘chosen’.

God has a plan for everyone’s life. There is destiny within each of us. The thought that I want to leave with you is this… Not everyone’s destiny is the same. Just because God called one person to say, or do something, does not mean that you are supposed to repeat their actions. The problem occurs, especially with leadership, when there is an expectation for everyone else to repeat the actions that God gave specifically to YOU.

As believers and followers, we need to be able to make the distinction between man’s voice and God’s voice. The real test is when the voice is a man of God speaking. What’s that mean? Just because God sends the Word thru the preacher doesn’t mean that every Word is for the people. As a minister in music, there are a million songs and tunes that I hear and that God drops into my spirit on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Some songs are meant to deal with me personally because that is what God is speaking to ME thru that song. But, other songs are meant to minister to the people as a whole. In seeking God, He will let me know which is which.

The key here is seeking God for the clarity, for yourself. We can’t continue to hitchhike off of other people’s anointings, callings, and giftings. We need to obtain that clarity from He who has given the Word in the first place, God. Then and only then will you know with assurity that YOU have received the Call…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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