Devotional Observations

Party Planner…

Have you ever heard the saying that, “Life is a Parade” or another that says, “Life is a Circus” or even another that says, “Life’s a Party”? If not, you have now… 🙂 What’s cool about these sayings is that they are ALL true! The part that is important is to ask yourself this, “What role am I playing in this Parade, Circus or Party?”

All too often when we see our lives, it seems like we are the little cartoon character pushing that garbage can on wheels, following behind the elephants, scooping up the stuff that they leave behind. Let’s face it, most of the time, we aren’t really enjoying life but we are putting out fires, or cleaning up messes, or trying to correct a problem of some sort. It’s our reality. It’s what we see… We are going thru life looking at the rear ends of the elephants. The good news is that today can very well mark the first day of your new role!!!!

You see, it all comes down to your perspective. When we change our focus and what we see, we actually change our attitude towards AND our position in the parade.

I used to be in the same boat as most of you reading this letter. I went to work because that’s what I HAD to do, not because that’s what I WANTED to do. I need a check, this is what skills I have and the company pays me. We burn up so much of our lives scooping crap and guess what? The elephant doesn’t care or appreciate that we are scooping!!! The elephant doesn’t turn around and say, “Thanks for getting that.” No, not at all… What it does is takes a few more steps and gives you more crap!!! I’m telling you now, YOU DON’T HAVE TO KEEP TAKING THE CRAP!!!!

Recently, I began a new role as a Party Planner. I meet people, share with them what I do and set up a party for THEM. The cool part is that the PARTY is FREE and at the end of the day, I have created and built friendships that will last a lifetime. The crazy part is that many people consider this a job, or work. Not me!!! I get paid to party!!! While we are partying, I share a simple message that says, “Your Life Doesn’t Have to Stay the Same. Are YOU ready to start partying?”

So, my question to you is this… Are you ready to start enjoying the Circus of Life or do you just want to keep scooping? If you’re ready to start enjoying it then keep reading. If not, this first sign-off is for you…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

Since you are still reading then it is apparent that you’re ready to turn in your garbage can and scoop. Congratulations!!! This is the first step…

Step One:
We have to make the decision to change our role. It starts in your head first. I could easily give you the microphone of the Ring Master but if you don’t let go of the scooper… you’ll just try to use it to do your old job…

Step Two:
Change your actual position. After making a decision, we need to make a step towards it. I can say to myself that I’m the Ring Master but if I’m still standing behind the elephants, what ring am I mastering? So, we need to change what we see. A part of that change is who we are hanging out with. As a Party Planner, I made the conscious move to start hanging out with the other successful Planners. Reach out to them. Let THEM know what YOU want. Most successful people are VERY willing to give advice and other words of encouragement, if they feel that you will apply what they’re saying and not waste their time.

Step Three:
Take the leap!!! When opportunity comes, there are only two things that we’ll do with it. We will either allow opportunity to pass by OR we will seize it. The greatest reason that we allow it to go by is that we are afraid of what will happen next. There are only two real questions that go thru our minds when facing opportunity, “What if I fail?” and “What if I succeed?”

What if you do fail? When we fail, we are one step higher than most. Most won’t even try. So, having failed means that you tried. Here’s my advice… Try again until you succeed.

What happens if I succeed? Great, you succeeded. Again, that puts you ahead of most because most don’t, or won’t, try. Now, comes the hard part… Do it again!!! Don’t have a little success and get all high-minded like you’ve arrived. Success is measured not only in the successes but also the failures. How do you know what you need to fix if you’ve never failed? Or have only had success? You may be a ‘natural’ ring master but what happens when the something goes wrong in the circus. We have to know how to fix it… All of the failures, and unexpected happenings, along the way teach us preparation and recovery.

The last thing that I’ll say today is… Make the BEST of every moment. The destination of the center ring is an AMAZING place!! The journey TO the center ring, will be laden with many incredible moments that will make you smile AND make you cry but don’t forget where you’re going!!!

Life IS a PARADE, a CIRCUS, and a PARTY!!!! PARTY ON!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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