Go Get It!!!

One thing that you can never disqualify is the power of music. Music is a ministry, whether many want to believe it, or not. And there is a message in music, if you’ll only listen. So many times, we get caught up in the rhythms, chord structures and licks. That stuff is the sides to the main course. You see, I’m not a vegan and I want the meat. Stop bobbing your head and listen to the song!!

This morning, I woke up hearing the song, “Go Get It” by Mary Mary. This song is the inspiration for today’s letter. You see when I first heard this song, I was like, “Yup, they’ve done it again! Another hit!” The beat is nice. The rhythms keep you engaged. The chorus is simple, repetitive, and people will remember it, even when it’s not being played. All the makings of a hit song, right? Wrong!!! That’s just corn and mashed potatoes…

Here’s the meat, check out the message that’s being sent. This song is about overcoming your struggles and moving into your next level!!! This song is prophetic. This album was released in May 2012. So, how can I say this song is prophetic if it was released almost a year ago? A true prophetic word tells of what’s coming, not what’s happening, that’s the news!!! The news tells us about what’s going on. It’s just a report.

2013 is the Year of Manifested Blessings!!! The year where the prayers that you’ve prayed will FINALLY be released!!! Some of us have been praying for and have been prophesied to about many things. And we’ve been waiting patiently for God to make it happen. Well, now is the time. Today is the day. Go Get It!!!!

The 2nd verse of the song speaks volumes to me. It says…

You were made to live a good life and that’s what I believe.
So hit the floor. Say a prayer. Start working. You got to do something.
It’s alright to crawl before you walk. It’s alright to walk before you run.
But if you wanna get, what you never got, you gotta do something that you never done

I would dissect this verse word for word but I won’t… this time. There is at least a 4-Part series waiting to be taught in that one verse alone!!!

This is the Year of Jubilee!!! The Year of Celebration!!! The Year that God is Releasing His Favor, Blessings, and Miracles in YOUR Life!!! It’s time for YOU to take that LEAP OF FAITH and GO GET YO’ BLESSINGS!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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