Prepare to be set up…

Yesterday’s letter was called, “Go Get It!!!” The crazy thing about actively pursuing your dreams, goals, and visions is what happens next… Opportunities.

My day was set. I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning. After finished that, I was to jump in my car and drive to Northeast Ohio to ‘Share the Challenge’ with some of my friends. And once I finished that, then I’d be making that trek back to Columbus.

You see, I believe that, everyone in my sphere of influence should be personally shown and told about MY business. Sharing via the internet is cool. It reaches a lot of people with minimal effort but basically it’s just convenient. When it comes to YOUR business, convenience doesn’t always show value. Sometimes you have to take a road trip!!!

I forgot a very important piece of my schedule. The entire trip was actually based around my re-connecting with a friend. I spoke to her on the phone, she said that Tuesday was the best day and that she’ll send me a text with the time and place for us to meet. So, I scheduled a bunch of meetings during the day in hopes of meeting with her in the afternoon.

After I left my doctor, I received a text from a number not in my contacts. Wow, it was from someone very high in my upline!! Apparently, he’d just finished a meeting with others in my upline and my name came up!! He commended me on my work ethic and gave a simple word of advice… follow the plan that my upline gives me.

Here’s another pause:
Sometimes, we make everything super difficult because we are too busy trying to reinvent the wheel. Seriously, the people that are successful in your business got there for a reason. If THEY have a system and THEY are successful then why do something different?

I digress. I was truly blown away on soo many levels. I kept looking at the phone in disbelief of who the sender was. Hey, I don’t know about you but how often do YOU get a personal text from one of the high ranking members in YOUR organization? Someone making seven figures? I’m just saying… But then, he asked me a question, “Plans tonight?”

My first thought was, “Man, I have an opportunity to do something with this guy and here I am going out of town!!! Oh Crap!!! I might as well tell him what I’m doing so he can let me know what I’m gonna miss (insert super sad face here)!!!”

I tell him my plans for the day, he then sends me a laugh and says we’re going to Cleveland… Meet us there! I am like, “WOW!!!!”

I don’t want to bore you with too many details but here’s the summation. Receiving that text sent my entire day to a higher level. I was already on fire (a campfire) but that turned me into a blaze (a forest fire)!!!

Here’s one of my personal storylines…
A couple of years ago, my pastor told us to look around you at the people who are in your circle. There is one ‘fact’ and that is the people you see are generally one to two paygrades either way from what you are. I was totally offended because when I looked around I only saw hourly workers. You see, I’ve always been an entrepreneur and a business owner. So why didn’t I see business owners, CEOs, and decision-makers around me? Well, that day set me back on the target.

One of the things that happened at the meeting last night was I got introduced to, and spoke with, one of the founders of our business, Nick Sarnicola.

You see, the message behind “Go Get It!!!” goes back to a scripture, James 2:17, that tells us, faith without works is dead. Not every blessing is a Deuteronomy 28:2 blessing that ‘overtakes’ you. Some, or most, you have to pursue! You have to DO something. You have to move with purpose. If you want to go there then sow there… For every level of promotion, go hangout with the people who are already there!!! As a brand new guy, I started hanging out with the folks who had their 2nd promotion and were driving their FREE BMW, then I reached out to the next level people, and the next level people until this happened… the level after that reached back to me!!!! That’s what I call, PURPOSE!

My whole day was based around re-connecting with a friend and to share with her the benefits of what I do. That plan didn’t happen but what actually happened, I would have never dreamed!! So, as you get out of your comfort zone in pursuit of your next level, don’t be too surprised when YOU get set up, too!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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