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About the Sequester…

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I don’t know about you but I am really tired of our government officials playing this game of ‘Who Can Blink First’!!!


The day after Mr. Obama was re-elected as President of the United States, my initial response was that we needed to pray for unity. Are we praying? The election was a battle of two completely different ideologies and perspectives, which the country agreed upon. The problem is that the country’s agreement was split almost in half. Half of the country believed in Mr. Romney and the other half, Mr. Obama. On top of that, we have a Democrat President and a Republican Congress. So, what is happening is that each side feels justified to make their stand because at least half of the country is standing behind them.


I generally stay away from political commentary as my view isn’t necessarily popular amongst my peers but here goes…


Here are some major areas that need to be addressed… (1) Our economy, (2) working within a failed system, and (3) possible fixes.


Our Economy
The Sequester is just another by-product of a greater issue. We, as a country, are financially irresponsible. I know many people are blaming Bush for our issues. And when Bush was in office, many were blaming Clinton. But, guess what? We can’t live in the past with our present issues. Mr. Obama has been re-elected. So, he’s already had four years to get things started. If there is any place to cast blame then it needs to be cast there.


As an entity, the US Government runs its business in the red. If a corporation ran, like our government, it wouldn’t run long… If we ran our homes like this, we wouldn’t be successful. Look, if you bring in $1000 a month and your basic expenses are $1100 a month then you’re going to have to cut some things out. Maybe stop going to Chipotle every other day or make your coffee at home versus dropping by Starbucks every morning. But, the key is that you have to create and stick to a budget.


I’m sorry. I ended that last paragraph with a curse word. Well, it felt kinda good to say… BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET!!!!! Whew! I got that outta my system ☺… Seriously, we haven’t had a budget since Mr. Obama came into office but our spending has grown exponentially. We can’t blame our predecessors on our inadequacies. Not maintaining Not creating a budget is sheer insolence!! That is the main reason that we keep coming across these issues because we’re wielding our grandfather’s loaded shotgun like an eight-year old thinking no one’s going to be hurt!!


A Failed System
We are one of the greatest nations to ever be created on this earth BUT we are also one of the youngest. Our Founding Fathers were very wise, innovative and, shall I say it, God-fearing men. The Constitution was designed based upon these truths and convictions. The reason that I call it a ‘failed system’ is that the core beliefs and convictions of the Founding Fathers have been abandoned. What makes it even more interesting is that our decline has occurred within the last 20-30 years!!!


Here’s a non-political example for you…
People have been eating food since the beginning of time. Let’s call the beginning 10,000 years ago. Since the beginning there has been one constant and which is, ‘children will outlive their parents’. This is a fact. Once a child lived past its infancy, that child was pretty much guaranteed to live longer than mom and dad. Unfortunately, this generation will be the first generation to change that statistic. This is due to obesity. One reason for obesity is that we’ve abandoned the principle of WORK. You see, until about 100 years ago, in order to make a hamburger you had to raise a cow. Raise a cow? Yes… 100 years ago, you first had to have a farm, raise a crop to feed the cattle (cows), raise the cattle (which includes tending the sick and making sure you had healthy cattle), slaughter the cow, butcher the cow, grind the meat and then cook it yourself. Today, if you want a hamburger, you just drive up to the window and order one. Over 10,000 years of history undone in less than a 100 years, all in the name of advancement!!!! Here’s the twist, 120 years ago there wasn’t a hamburger!! You ate a steak with bread!!!


We have abandoned what has made us great!!! We were a nation of hard-working individuals united to overcome any and all obstacles!!! We were, the UNITED States of America. Now, we are referred to as “the States”.


Possible Fixes
It would be uncool of me to start a surgical procedure, such as this, and just leave you lying there open and bleeding on the table. If we are a nation governed by the people for the people then WE THE PEOPLE need to act. We need to let those folks that we elected know that we are tired of the games, the posturing and the grandstanding.


First, let’s get a budget written, submitted and passed. How can we move forward and strengthen who we are if we keep fighting the same battles every three months. Write a stinking BUDGET!!! I can’t say stick to the budget, if there is NONE!!


Don’t pump the brakes but SLAM ON THE BRAKES in spending. I know we all love the little benefits that the government is supplying but guess what? Who is PAYING for it? The Obama phone ain’t free!! Healthcare reform may very well be the WORST thing to happen to us!! Going to the doctor has not and will never be FREE!!! The Government isn’t a traditional business. It doesn’t generate money, it takes money. We are paying for all of these “benefits” and quite honestly I’m tired of it.


Mr. Herman Cain had an idea that I believe would be great and that is the Flat Tax. Everyone, everywhere paying the same thing. This way the continued class warfare will be muted.


And… You’re going to love this one… A third party!!! Have you ever noticed that when friends are fighting, there is always that other person that breaks them up? Have you ever been in a vote with an even number of people? The worse thing to happen is a split decision!! Well, having Republican/Democrat or Conservative/Liberal parties were very successful but as time has progressed the need for that friend to break up the fight becomes more evident. Having a strong 3rd Party also forces people in office to make a stand and be clear on their positions. Not just agreeing with the ‘party stance’ but standing on their own beliefs and those of their constituents.


I’m not finished but I’ll end there…


We can be a great nation, again. It is totally possible. We just need to go back to the beginning and stand on what made us, the United States of America, strong to begin with. A country lead by wise, innovative and God-fearing people with the interests of “We the People…” made not only primary on the agenda but THE AGENDA.


I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


One reply on “About the Sequester…”

Washington needs to discover the concept of identifying root causes. Until root causes are identified for the problems that we are facing, our government will continue to be totally ineffective in doing anything other than treating symptoms, and doing that poorly. Thanks, I feel better now.


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