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Writers block is a mess. Sitting down at the computer with full intention to share your thoughts and feelings when nothing wants to come out is horrible. What’s equally as bad is the opposite… too many thoughts and that’s what I’m dealing with today. Since my letters are daily, I try to only write ONE letter and selecting the ‘now’ topic can be a bit overwhelming. You see, for me writing is life.

How can writing be life? Simple, just like our everyday movements, circumstances and situations, we have lots of choices to make. Each choice has an expected and an actual outcome. It’s cause and effect. Every decision that we make creates a ripple into our destiny. Some decisions like am I going to drink the chai tea or lemongrass tea with my breakfast create small ripples that in the grand scheme of things aren’t very significant. But, how about the decision to give your server a 30% tip instead of a $1.00? Either way, you’ve left an impression on that person and who knows how large that ripple will become in YOUR destiny.

I heard it said that, you can tell a person’s destiny by the size of their dreams. And before I go further, I’m not talking about your ‘I ate too much before going to sleep’ dreams. I’m referring to your lifelong heart’s desires. I’m talking about where do you truly want to see yourself in the future. There was a show called, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” (Today, it would be called, “Cribs”). But, in this show Robin Leach would visit these wealthy people and gain access to the things that they did and how they lived. Every show was amazing! Seeing the fine homes, the yachts, the private aircraft, the excursions to far away lands… That’s ALL ME!!! That’s one part of what I dream to be!!! The other part of that same dream is going next door to visit my neighbor who was able to meet his dreams because of OUR relationship. It’s all well and good to become a multi-billionaire. But, I don’t want to go there alone. I want to be able to see my friends and family go there with me. I want US to build our dreams together!!!

But that’s one of MY dreams. What about you? What do you dream about?

I was talking to someone the other day and they were really upset with their spouse. They were upset because of their spouse’s tunnel vision. Tunnel vision isn’t a bad thing if it keeps you from being distracted and drives you to success. On the other hand, is your focus on things that are going to take you into your destiny, or not? Here’s an example, I’m a musician and a business owner. My business brings income, stability and wealth to my family. It is driving us into our destiny. It is a MAJOR piece of it. My music is something that I love to do and something that I do well but I know that it is only a step into my destiny. It is only a small piece of it. So, if I focused primarily on the music then my destiny is all but destroyed. We have to stop majoring in the minors!!!!

How do we address these ripples?

First, we must become “destiny minded”. We have to understand that what we do has an affect on our  long term future. Most of us, me included, generally focus on the ‘here and now’ and how things are going to turn out without the next week to a couple of months at the longest. We need to start planning further out. Sit down and write your personal vision, your family vision and your corporate vision. They all work together BUT they are ALL different!!!

Secondly, take the steps towards fulfilling your destiny. If you want to be a pastor then you probably want to start studying the Bible, learning people skills and business management. If you want to own your own hair salon, then get your cosmetology license and start building your clientele. You see, the long word for destiny is your destination. It is a journey and it’s not only a mindset but a skillset.

Finally, and this one is tough, we must realize that destiny is a moving target and we must but able to adapt to the changes. Using the previous examples, 40 years ago the ideal hair salon may have been a small boutique with 3-4 chairs where only hair was being done OR even better the perfect ‘shop’ was actually at the beautician’s home. But today that salon needs to have at least 8-10 chairs and not only do hair but also do nails, massages and waxing. Looking at pastoring 40 years ago, the average size of a church was less than 50 members and most of them were related to the pastor. Every church seemed to have that Sunday School plaque on the wall that showed 14 people attended and the offering was $8.43. And the highlight of the Sunday School service was the “Penny March”!! Whereas today, pastoring requires a degree in technology, economics, sociology, psychology, homiletics and hermeneutics, as well as being a student the Bible.

The key here is to know where you are going in the first place. Once you know what your destiny is, then you can begin moving towards it…. on purpose.

I pray that this letter has been a blessing to YOU. It surely has been one for me…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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