Is it really time to get up?

Don’t you hate those days where you have trouble sleeping and end up only getting a couple hours in. But, when you finally get out of the bed… you get a gut check from life? Well, that’s me today!!

Man, I just couldn’t go to sleep last night. I wanted to but it just wasn’t happening. I just lay in our pitch-black room, in the bed looking at the ceiling, looking at my wife, looking out the window, and looking at my phone… nothing. Over the past several months, I’ve made a real effort not to turn on the television at night. But, I finally broke down and turned it on. Dr. Oz was on and, at that time of night, whatever he’s saying is NOT interesting and I started drifting. But his show goes off before I’m fully asleep and whatever came on next truly broke that up.

Now, I lay here, eyes burning and remote in hand flicking thru the channel lineup. Why does it seem that everything is interesting, even the Lifetime movie? Normally, I’ll put on the Discovery Channel but I don’t want to actually watch TV!! I want to go to sleep!!! Tossed between Beverly Hills Cop II, Fargo and the Truman Show, I think Fargo won. Whew!! Finally, got something that doesn’t have a whole lot of action, crashes, booms, gunfire, and screaming, a nice movie full of dialogue. I’ll be asleep in no time and guess what… I was!!! That was around 3:00am.

Here’s part two…

Considering that I went to sleep around the time that I normally get up, my internal clock is ALL MESSED UP!!! I wake up a few minutes after 5:00am. I lay there again looking around like, “God, what’s the deal?” I realize that it’s “late” and as I start to get out of the bed… my wife’s alarm goes off. Crap!!!! It’s 5:25am!!! I’m really late!!! I have to pray!! I gotta write today’s letter!! I got stuff to do!!!

I know none of you do this but, I check my bank balances every morning. Tuesday morning is super special because that’s when Chase tallies everything up from the weekend. Why is my account overdrawn? Now, I got to call somebody at 5:45am!!! “Y’all gone wake up today!!!” Lol!!! I handle that and figure, “I better go get gas from one of our other accounts before the bank catches up with the other charges…” Wait… Why are you laughing? So, you’ve never played “Beat the Bank”? Raise your hand if you’ve played “Beat the Bank”. Now that’s better… Don’t act like you’ve never been a day or two away from your money and had to at least make sure that you had gas. Lol…


I was talking to a guy yesterday about managing finances and unfortunately he hasn’t been the best money manager. He said that he hadn’t made a car payment because his money was being used up in getting gas. Well, not being funny but, they took care of that problem… they came and got the car. We really need to prioritize our money. Pay for the CAR and let it sit in the driveway. You can’t borrow a car payment from someone but you sure can borrow gas money…

Sorry, that just kinda came up. My bank issue was easily remedied and I didn’t have to play “Beat the Bank” today.

So, I’m running on fumes but I’m about to make my breakfast shake. I have a full day ahead of me. I pray that your day isn’t half as eventful as my morning…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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