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Failure is easy…

Being successful takes work. It’s not just a simple decision then taking a walk in the park and all of a sudden you’re a success. It takes work. It takes discipline. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the true desire to stick to anything long enough to be successful.

I’ve been focused on my wellness journey. One part of that journey is physical fitness. What’s funny is that the moment that I say ‘physical fitness’, 99% of you thought about exercising. Sorry, that ain’t me (at least not yet). I know that exercising is important but I don’t like it. I don’t have the desire to do it. So, I don’t. And, here’s a tiny little, trivial fact for all of those diehard gym enthusiasts, treadmill warriors, zoomba zombies and insanity addicts… When it comes to physical fitness, it is 20% exercise and 80% intake. So, no matter how much you exercise, if you still have poor eating habits then you’re only doing one fifth of the work!! Sweat on!!!

This past weekend was my wife and I’s 17th Anniversary weekend. We decided to work on our anniversary day but we went to dinner Sunday with some of our extended family. Now, being healthy minded and conscious of what I eat and what I do is always at the forefront of my meal decisions, not just for me but also because I know that people are watching me as a leader and example. But, yesterday was off the hook!!!

We decided to go to Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant. Initially, we were going with a pastor friend and his family but by the time we left the church it had grown into a small group. This was my first trip here and I must say that EVERYTHING is good here. I can say everything because of one thing… We tasted the food from everyone’s plate at the table!!! And here’s where you know you’re really connected with people… we even tasted each other’s drinks. Now that’s next level!!! But, the key here is that I threw out the super healthy thinking for this meal and just enjoyed my wife and our newly extended family. It was well worth every dollar!!

Here comes the boom… In getting on the scales this morning, I see that in the past three days I’ve gained three pounds, two of these pounds came from yesterday. I can say that because I get on the scales EVERY DAY. I want to know how my body reacts to the decisions that I make. I don’t just want to weigh-in once or twice a month. I need to know how my decisions after my goals and have some sense of control over the outcome.

Having dinner with the family is easy. Eating whatever you want is easy. Doing what we do is easy. Failing is easy. Failing is easy because that’s what we’re familiar with. Our old habits and routines got us to the place that we’re at. So, it is a place of comfort for us. But, to be successful we have to change our way of thinking and approaching life. We have to move past our traditional mindset and be cutting edge. The primary reason that we have to update our mental software is that, if we don’t then, we’ll go back to eating that way, every day, every meal and you will gain every pound plus a few friends of those pounds back.

One of the most interesting things that people ask when I share my wellness journey is, “What happens when you reach your goals?” or “Are you stuck drinking these shakes forever?” These are very good questions, if you’re a surface thinker, or a dieter. Diets are great, as long as you are on them. But, here’s the reality behind most dieters… While on the diet, you are dying. But, once the diet dies, now you can live again. Most people kill themselves in order to stay on a diet. They are working all of the time by counting calories, carbs, proteins, keeping meal journals, only buying certain foods by certain producers… it’s just too much!!! So, when they finally give up then they return to their old ways. But that’s a dieter. I’m on a journey. I am committed to extended my life not just losing a few pounds to get into a special outfit or so I can go to the beach this summer. My decisions aren’t based on the option of going back to an old way of thinking. I’ve made a lifestyle change!! It’s not an option to return to 240+ pounds and wearing size 40+ pants!!! There’s a reason that there are over 232,000,000 (that’s 232 million) obese and overweight people in these United States!!! I’m not trying to go back!!! It is NOT an OPTION!!!

Today, I used food as the example for success and failure but quite honestly, you can use whatever example you want. The concept is still the same. If you want to be successful at anything, then you need to change your outlook towards that thing. Once you do that, the world is your buffet…

Always know this, whatever goals that you set and the decisions that you make to reach them, just know that you’ve got a friend in me. I will always be around to help you… that’s my promise!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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