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What happened to the Pharaohs?

I am a fan of history. The thing that’s cool about history is that it can’t be changed no matter what. It may be censored or lost but the truth is that history can’t be changed. Recently, an old issue, for me, was brought back to the forefront and that is about the ‘illuminati’.

For those who don’t know, illuminati is refers to a secret society known as the ‘enlightened ones’. According to Wikipedia, this group was formed in 1776 to “oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality.” But, this group actually goes back much, much further. They are actually linked all the way back to the freemasons which date back to ancient Egypt.

Putting aside all of the lore that surrounds the illuminati, freemasons, the eye of Horace, and all of the symbolism that is currently bombarding us. I have but one question… Have you ever wondered, “What happened to the Egyptian Pharaohs?”

At one point in history, Egypt was what we’d call the reigning superpower on Earth. The world’s economy, trade, and societal thoughts all flowed to and thru Egypt and the center of this society was its ruler, the Pharaoh. Now, the pharaohs ruled for hundreds of years and then all of a sudden… nothing.

Well friend, let the truth of history be revealed. The pharaohs didn’t actually disappear. They moved. They migrated north to Greece, then to Italy. The thing that’s cool is that they never lost their royal stature during their migrations. They’ve always been the rulers and because of that we can easily trace their movements. Once in Italy, they established what is known as the Roman Empire, again same premise as the Egyptian Empire but now in Rome. They also established the Roman Catholic Church, which still stands today.

From Rome, they spread mainly to France, Spain, and Germany. Please keep in mind that I am a fan of history. All of these movements can be traced. Everywhere the pharaohs went, they re-established themselves as the ‘ruling class’ of that land and time period. Most notable was their next move, which was to the United Kingdom, to London, England. Once in England, the monarchy was setup again. This time, they established themselves as Kings and Queens. This monarchy is still very present, even today.

Funny thing about people is that there will always come a time when we just can’t get along or don’t agree. So, here comes another expansion of the Egyptian Empire… the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the “New World”… India? Okay, Chris got lost because no one had ever sailed that far in that direction. He didn’t have Google Earth. So, can you blame him? I think not…

So, the monarchy spreads from North Africa to Europe to North America. Again, the pharaohs have made their move and established a new ruling class and government. Their emerald city, Washington, DC.

For those doubters out there who don’t necessarily like to read, I got something for you. Everywhere the pharaohs went… they took their stuff with them. One of the easiest things to see is the obelisk. It is a powerful symbol for them and you WILL see it wherever they’ve been established. Btw, if you don’t know what an obelisk is… in America, we call it the Washington Monument.

The pharaohs have always been in power and I believe that they will not lose that seat until the end of days. The Bible says in Hosea 4:6, that, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”

Quick Note:
I found out this morning that the Northern Tribe Native Americans are descendants of the Children of Israel, namely from the Tribe of Joseph. And that ancient Hebrew writings were found carved in stone in New Mexico. Crazy right?

History will teach us. We have to be open to receive it. You’ll be astonished by what you’ll learn if you’ll only search it out… History affects our everyday life. Wouldn’t it be cool to know why we do certain things? Where did certain phrases come from? Where did certain gestures and hand signs come from? Just because a famous person, actor, or recording artist likes to say certain things or make certain gestures doesn’t make it cool. There is purpose behind everything and if you don’t know history… you will blindly follow.

So, what is today’s assignment? Let’s increase our knowledge today… Pick something simple like a national celebration or holiday and trace it back to its true origins. As you learn, please share it with me… You can Inbox me directly or leave it as a comment for others to share as well…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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