Lifestyle of a worshiper…

As minstrels, psalmists and worshipers, we have this expectation that whenever our musical service to God begins that the people will automatically follow suit and begin to worship. Unfortunately, this isn’t a fair expectation to have because most times the audience, or congregation, that we are dealing with isn’t living the lifestyle of a worshiper.

Well, what does that mean, “living the lifestyle of a worshiper”? Worship according to Webster is a, “reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power” and “a form of religious practice with its creed and ritual”. My combined definition is the practice of reverence to God.

Many times the problems that we face on a daily basis have become overwhelming to us. We go to bed at night with our concerns at the forefront of our minds. We wake up in the morning with those thoughts still ever present. As we move throughout our day, those issues continue to perplex us. And here it is again, bedtime. This cycle can be unending!!

I heard it said that whatever we focus on, that is our god and quite honestly, what I just described is the worship of our problems. Our problems, issues and concerns have become our god. So, God has little, or no place, in our lives. We are literally living a lifestyle of problems and issues.

What we need to do is change our lifestyle. It sounds simple but it does take a lot of work, at least in the beginning. We have to be purposeful in our pursuit. We can’t just say one day, “Hey, I’m going to change how I live my life.” For most of us, this just ain’t going to happen. Many times, there has to be that life changing event. Moving to a new home, having a baby, an unwelcome doctor’s report, the death of a loved one… these are examples of life changing events. These events cause us to perceive life differently and that perception is key.

Our perception, or the way we think about a thing, drives all that we do. If you don’t see value in driving a BMW then you won’t consider it when buying a car. I know people whose thoughts towards a car is that it takes them from one spot to another. And as long as the car does that then why should I pay $40,000 when I can get a car for $10,000.

The lifestyle of worship is just that. It is seeing the value in giving your life to God and worshiping Him continually. Keeping our focus on God and not the problems / issues. The stuff is still present but we aren’t focused on it. We simply place our trust in Him and we know with blessed assurance that He will give us the wisdom, grace and favor to handle whatever the concern may be.

By no means, does that mean that you all of a sudden become super Christian and now all you do is quote Bible verses to everyone or now you are better than someone else because you’ve gained some extra revelation. It simply means that you love God enough to give Him your time, your most precious commodity. Giving Him your time, even if only in your thoughts, is a great sacrifice with bountiful rewards.

Today’s assignment:
Let’s place our focus on God, not only when we go to church but, at all times.

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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