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This past weekend was pretty good. Many of the things that I wanted to accomplish, actually got done. Family is cool. My business is expanding and doing well. Church is okay. Basically, a good weekend… But, you know, there was one thing that has been bothering me and that is missing a friend.

If you’ve read my letters, one thing that you’ll know is that I’m all about relationships. In order to survive this world that we live in, we need each other and we need positive relationships. One way of nurturing our relationships is by keeping in touch.

Now I recently reconnected with a friend for over 20 years via Facebook. The crazy part is that we ‘Friended’ each other at least 2-3 years ago but never really had any conversations, which is a whole different subject. But anyway, we were messaging each other the other day where I asked about one of our friends and how she was doing. She told me that our friend had passed away in a horrific car accident a little over a year ago. If you could stab someone thru the computer screen then I was a bloody mess… The words leaped out of the screen, literally taking my breath away and I felt the pain in my heart. I just couldn’t believe it. I know she wasn’t lying but I didn’t believe her. I just had to see for myself. So, I Google’d our friend’s name and sure enough, she AND her 11-year old daughter were killed in a car accident in 2011.

The questions that kept coming up were, “Why am I so distraught?”, “Why is this bothering me like it is?”, “You haven’t seen or spoken to her in probably 20 years. What difference does it really make?” The key here is that periodically, she has crossed my mind over the years and I never followed up on those thoughts.

Before Facebook, and all of this social media, whenever we thought about someone then we called them. If we didn’t have their number, we would call our mutual friends and get their number. Or better yet, we could call their momma and find out where they were.

Sidebar: What happened to having someone in your family that always had the same number? That one person who we ALL could reach out to. That one person that even in today’s world of phone number ignorance, we would reach out to because we knew their phone number by heart. I’m just saying, why do we change our phone numbers every 3-6 months? Really, are you that important? Or are you running from people? I don’t know but it’s not cool…

Sorry about that.

In spite of the good weekend that I had, that one line of thoughts has still been ever present. We need to follow-up on those thoughts. Especially, now since it is so easy to reach out. Most of us are using at least one or two different online social platforms. We can see when people are online and they can see us. There really isn’t any excuse for not taking 10-15 seconds and sending a message just to say, “Hi.” You don’t want to look up one day and realize that you missed it, like I did.

Rest in Peace, Malaka and Maliya Jones…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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