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Objections, excuses and blow-offs…

This particular letter is long, even for me. It is not intended for the average Joe. So, if you are the average Joe then don’t read it. You’re not allowed. This letter is intended as training for people who have something they want to sell or provide as a service. It contains tips and tricks that sales people use and I don’t want the average person to know about it.

One of the things that I was taught while selling insurance is the ability to tell the difference between an objection and a blow-off but there is another layer of pushback to the sales process… and that is excuses.

Let’s do some quick definitions…
An objection is a reason or argument presented in opposition. A blow off is a refusal to take notice of, honor, or deal with. And an excuse is to grant exemption or release to or, to justify.

The crazy thing is that we are trained to answer objections like a debate. We are taught to move on to the next person when we receive a blow off. But, we aren’t really taught how to deal with excuses. You see, excuses are different because they are personal. We can paint a broad brush when it comes to the other areas but not here because an excuse merely shows reality from one person’s perspective and their inability to take hold of what they’re receiving…

I know this letter is a bit wordy and confusing and I feel, at times, like I’m rambling but I am going somewhere with this, please hold on. I am a promoter of good health, a fitness consultant, and a friend. The greatest of all my ‘titles’ is friend and the reason is quite simple. The promoter and consultant, whether stated or not, have a fee included. There is an expectation of a sale and a purchase. There is no fee in being a friend.

In dealing with health concerns, we are continually bombarded with the magic fixes, even if temporary. The greatest magic fix is medicine. Doctors practice medicine and will give you a prescription at the drop of a hat which in turn you immediately go get without question. The craziest thing about that is listening to the side effects of the different medications. I have a headache and the side effect of the headache medication is elevated heart rate, hives, soreness, muscle spasms, blindness, loss of hearing, and a list of 20 more things. But, don’t stop taking the meds without consulting your physician. Now, when you contact the physician, you are prescribed more meds to deal with the side effects of the first med. At the end of the day, you are now taking 5-6 different meds because you had a headache. Let’s deal with the “why”. Why did you have a headache in the first place? Where did it come from? Oh, you realized that every time you ate pork, you got a headache. But you eat pork everyday. Hmm… Shall we say it? “Stop eating pork”

Now, here’s where the excuses come in, and this is real. Friend says, “Hey, I noticed that you get these headaches all of the time. Would you mind trying this? It has been proven to help others, maybe it’ll work for you.”

Our response, “Oh, no!!!! My doctor told me to take these meds and I’m gonna stick with it. I can’t really afford to spend all of the money for the meds but I gotta do it.”

“But, this will save you money…”

“I gotta do what my doctor told me.”

“All you have to do is stop eating pork.”

“Stop eating pork? Are you kidding me? Pork ain’t never killed nobody. My grandmother ate pork. My mother ate pork. Put some pork on my fork!! It’s the other white meat!!!”

These are the things that we deal with. The excuse is that I can’t afford to try something different. But, at the same time, you can’t afford the current ‘fix’. We all do it. It is the mindset of insanity that we continue to play out… wanting different results while continuing in the same patterns.

A salesperson will look at the above situation and wipe their hands of you and move on to more fertile ground. A friend doesn’t have that luxury. A friend will be there even when it’s “unprofitable”. A friend will still be there even when you tell them no. Why, because that’s what friends do.

In those cases where I’m being blown off, it’s okay. The person doesn’t currently see the value in what I’m talking about. The answer to this is time. In my field of health and wellness, time will always bring people back to YOU. I promote good health. Time says ‘bad health’ is coming and when it does I’m here for you. I know because I was the guy in ‘god health’ until my blood pressure was so high that a nurse asked me, “Did you forget to take your meds this morning?”; until my doctor threatened to put me on cholesterol meds; until I realized that walking up and down the stairs was like an Olympic event… these occurrences were my wake up call. We all have them and when we do, we don’t need a salesperson. We need a friend.

In the cases where I’m meeting all of the objections, it’s okay. I know that all ‘sales’ objections basically fall into 12 areas and EVERYONE says the same things. That’s why we can be taught how to deal with objections, because they’re predictable. The answer to objections, salespeople, is listening. If we take the time to listen to the person, they will give us the answer. Where we fail is when we formulate our response WHILE the person is STILL talking. You’re coming up with your answer and the person has already given it to you but you missed it. The easiest example is money. I can’t afford to pay $99 for that meal replacement shake. Well, how much did you pay for your last meal out? I paid $12. Okay, cool. Let’s weigh this out… $12 for one meal versus $99 for 60 meals. The answer is simple but THEY have to arrive at it. I don’t sell anything. I just present the options and allow you to purchase.

Finally, in the cases where I’m meeting with excuses, it’s also okay. In the above scenarios, a blow off is a NO and an objection is a request for more information. An excuse is a ‘not right now’. Many times, we run into people with excuses because they genuinely want to do what we are talking about but they have certain issues or concerns that THEY must overcome. It’s not up to you to force feed them, or convince them to ‘pull the trigger’ right now. That’s not meeting their need, that’s meeting your need. As a friend, who is in sales, who deals with health and wellness, that knows everyone in the world can use what I have, who has a heart for those in need… I don’t have to convince you with a lot of sales jargon and pitches. Once you’ve overcome, YOUR issues… I’ll be here for you and as a friend, I’ll help you overcome YOUR issues, if you’ll allow me.

I heard it said that, “People don’t CARE how much you KNOW until they KNOW how much you CARE.”

There is one life lesson that I’d like to share and that is…
Everyone, everywhere is always selling something. Are you the buyer or the seller?

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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