Here I sit in this hotel room, wide awake because I refuse to let my body get on California time, thinking about home. I’ve built this blog by writing letters of transparency and truth, as I see it. Generally, whatever is on my mind… that’s what I write about.

Well, I’m in Los Angeles for a conference with our business. My family is home in Ohio, 2000 miles away. I’m not accustomed to being away from them especially this far and it’s not cool.

Here’s the conflict, I know that being here in this conference will be great for our business. It will assist us in going to the next level and help us to attain many of our goals… one being, firing my wife’s employer. But, that’s future tense. Here in the now, it’s a strain. Mentally, physically, financially, maritally… It’s a strain.

I know that in the midst of all things, God’s hand is there. He leads us, guides us, nudges us, sometimes He even kicks us in the butt… All to keep us on the path that He has chosen for our lives. We are the sheep of His pasture and where leads… I will follow. Too often, we are stubborn, like goats, because we want to do things our way. But, we must constantly ask God, “Is my way matching Your way?” If the answer is no then get back in line. Stop being a goat. We just need to be sheep.

I know that I will enjoy the conference, learn a lot and get more tools to prosper us. But, right now… I want to be home with my honey.

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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